Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Old Child

The day I arrived home from the hospital, I opened a present from Nannie - amc's grandma. There were a few darling items for Savannah and she had also included a sweet poem. It touched my heart and gave me an understanding of the miraculous reality of this day old baby girl. 
I've had moments of feeling completely overwhelmed and helpless. And I remember a few times when those feelings were coupled with frustration. And just as quickly as I wanted to vent that frustration, I remembered the miraculous reality that Savannah truly is. A few Sundays ago, we gave our baby girl a name and a blessing. Amc did a beautiful job. He told her that she was dearly loved by her parents. It was sweet and promising. Afterwards, amc leaned over to me and had a solemn, sincere tone in his voice as he whispered, "She isn't ours". My chest and throat tightened as I nodded my head to agree. It's so true. 
I am here to love her. Teach her about her Savior's gospel and His beautiful plan for her life. To help remind her of the love that her Heavenly Father has for her. And how much He absolutely adores her. She is His precious baby girl. And we are so lucky to have her. Being her mother has shaped my life and has set me on a path that will keep me feeling forever grateful. Each day, she gives me the chance to love even greater. Strengthen my patience through serving. And beg for help from the Lord to guide my decisions and bless me with understanding. I have realized that I need her in my life to become the type of woman, wife, and friend that I so desperately want to be.
Savannah's first photo in her new home

My day old child lay in my arms

With my lips pressed against her ear

I whispered softly, "Oh, how I wish--

I wish that you could hear

I've a hundred wonderful things to say

(a tiny cough and nod)

Hurry, hurry, hurry, and grow

So I can tell you about God"

My day old baby's mouth was still

And my words only tickled her ear

But a kind of light passed through her eye

and I saw this thought appear --

"How I wish I had a voice and words

I've a hundred things to say

Before I forget --I'd tell you about God

I left HIM yesterday."

Carol Lynn Pearson
Yours truly, Me


  1. Beautiful poem for a beautiful girl! Carol Lynn Pearson wrote another poem that I've been meaning to send to you. I wanted to do something creative and pretty with it and give it to you as a gift, but let's be honest...I do NOT have a talent for things like that. At all. =( I'll email it to you though. I really do think you'd love it!

    Savannah is such a beautiful little miracle. You are a lucky mama!

  2. There you go...making me cry again! Love!

  3. Seriously, I'm tearing up! Beautiful words. Nannie gave me the same poem and I still choke back tears when I read it. It makes you realize how innocent, pure, and close to God our baby girls are. Love you!

  4. You are on your way:) Babies truly are a gift...they grow up to children who are a gift and then they become parents who learn about the gift!
    Beautiful post. Love you:)

  5. Good poem! And awesome insight on Aaron's part about her not truly being yours. Something I can stand to remember! Thanks for the amazing post. I love all your posts. : ) Oh and thanks for the compliment on my blog. I'm glad you and Aaron can tell stories about me! HAHA