Sunday, July 29, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We love these cute matching maxi's that my momma helped me make! She cut and sewed. We wore them. Hooray for team work!
Our summer has been flying by so fast that I can barely keep up! We've been road-trippin', lots of play dates, and to the pool and back nearly a thousand times. Each time I swear Savannah looks bigger and does things differently. I'm trying to savor each moment the best I can. The way she'll let me hold her as she falls asleep (which in the past few months she has only done like 5 times), the beaming smile she flashes my way as I walk into her room after she's woken up from a nap, and the way she'll let me smother her neck and face in kisses... and she just takes it. Poor baby girl doesn't know any better.

Aaron and I can just sit there and stare at her. She is getting so big, my heart is excited and sad all at the same time. I'm wondering if others must feel this about their growing little ones. I love this not-a-newborn-not-yet-a-toddler stage. Let's get real, I know that I'll love it all. But I assure you, life isn't always a walk in the park. It can get hard. Like, really hard. Whoever says, 'Ohhh, just wait until they get older and then you'll see how hard it is' must have forgotten what it's like to have an infant. We had one of those melt-down moments today. You know, when they're screaming with all of those vocal chords. And it's the cry that tells you they are in dyer pain. Completely heart-breaking to listen to. And it happened while we were at church during sacrament meeting. Where else, of course.

In other news, I am simply trying to make all of her wildest dreams come true with endless peek-a-boo games, baby pool visits, and unlimited toys to eat for a total of 25 seconds each.
My world is my daughter. She's changed my life and made it clear that love truly is unconditional. Her happiness is my happiness. And in all honesty, I now understand why my own mother must love me so much. Something about becoming a parent makes the whole "parent-child relationship thing" work. All of this reminds me to try and be the best person I can be, I don't ever want to forget that she is watching me. The thought of my purpose for her as her hero has softened my immature heart so many times. The way I am will greatly determine the woman she grows up to be.
(her eyes just sparkle in the light...they are so gorg!)
Truly, a daughter is a blessing and could quite possibly grow up to be your best friend. What a wonderful thought!
Yours truly, Me

Monday, July 23, 2012

Half of a Year.

Sweet cheeks is growing up sooooooo fast! Just too fast. We are already celebrating her reaching half a year--it's hard to believe. Each new month brings on additional quirks and tricks that she is exploring and developing. Savannah is becoming FULL of personality and has her daddy and I laughing and smiling all. the. time. We couldn't imagine adoring her anymore than we already do.
6 Month Stats:

weight: 17.3 lbs (60th%)
height: 26.4 inches (60th%)
head: 16 inches (3rd%)

  1. You are an official sitter! You're getting better and better each day with suppressing the infant twitch-i-ness that would always cause you to topple right over onto the floor. I love how independent you are becoming.
  2. It's not often that you'll stay sitting up now that you are crawling! Emotions in the home are on much happier grounds now that you can go and get whatever your adorable little heart wants! Crawling has been the best thing ever. It is so fun to watch you zip around the rooms to grab a toy or when you spot the shiny tile or marble floors. We can't get over it. We thought you were so funny when you crawled off the carpet and onto the chilly marble floors. You didn't like your knees to touch the cold floors and so you held the plank position the entire time. 
  3. You have become the pull-up-to-stand, side-scaling, drawer-opening queen of the house all of while getting your slobbery raspberry-blowing on. Now.... if you can only learn to sit down after realizing you're freaked out from standing up so high. Oh boy.
  4. You are very into yourself. Seriously. Mirrors, pictures and video clips (not of everyone... just you.) Quite often will I find you coo-ing and smiling while you're crawling on my bed, only to see that you have found your reflection in the bathroom mirrors 10+ feet away. Perhaps a slice of humility will be coming your way ;-)
  5. You're getting awesome with holding your own bottle. You're pretty much a rock star.
  6. Your personality has evolved so much this past month. You are so full of love already. You aren't shy to express your likes and dislikes. You have become quite feisty this month! If you like it-you want it. If you don't like it, you let everyone know about it. With all of your new skills and tricks I have to remind myself that you are still a tiny baby! 
  7. We took a road trip to visit your Crossley family and you had such a ball. So much love and attention. They couldn't believe what a smiley baby you are. But I think you just get so bored at home that when we go out you're flirting with anyone and everyone interesting. You are very loved baby girl!
  8. You've started eating little puffs and yogurt bites. You love them! You've also been inhaling oatmeal and your jars of fruits/veggies. You haven't shown a preference to any flavor quite yet. It all depends on if you're in the mood to focus on eating. 
  9. Blasted ear infections! You had one at your 6 month visit and you still are rubbing your ear in an irritating fashion.
  10. You're still rocking the sleeping schedule with 11 hours a night. You know how much momma appreciates a good night's sleep. And I love waking up to your songs and growls! You aren't falling asleep for your naps as easily but you eventually give in. Schedules have not been a breeze to establish but you have proved time and time again that it is the best thing (for all of us!) and totally worth it. Your typical schedule has evolved to this:
8:00- milk. play
10:00- nap
11:30- milk. play
1:30- nap
3:00- milk. play
5:30- nap
6:30- milk. play
8:20- milk
8:30- bed.
Oh, I just love this stage! You act like you are excited about life- and it's so fun to be around you! Thank you for being such a good girl, Hunnybuns. I'm so grateful to be your momma. Nearly every time I leave your room after putting you down for a nap, I'll have a mild 'freak out' moment. It's quite humbling to realize that you have utterly stolen my heart. I would feel broken if I ever lost you. You are such a joy in our home! I hope you are always happy, baby girl. Happy doesn't even begin to describe how your daddy and I feel about you. Love you forever and ever.
Yours truly, Me