Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Pretty Lil' Things.

Whoa whoa whoa. It's mid spring already, guys. It seriously feels like I was just decking the halls with all things red&white while listening to the Carpenters on the Christmas radio station. Yet here I am trying my best to not run out in my swimsuit every time the sun peaks through the beautiful spring skies. It's here to stay, I tell myself. That blasted, toasty Texas sun. But it's so yummy right now and feels so wonderful on my wintery bright skin.
Me and the Hunnybuns have had the best walks in our stroller. Cruising the neighborhoods ... and the outdoor mall that just so happens to be right around the corner. I'm certain that my other half and I mention our love for our home's ideal location on a bi-weekly basis.
I'll be honest, I purposefully alternate my change in hair style, and clothes, and bjorn vs. stroller each visit I make into Hobby Lobby. It's embarrassing how often I stroll their aisles. I'm into creating pretty little things for my home. As in, I've stayed up late into the wee hours of the evening pinteresting it up on my phone. Brightness turned far too low in efforts to avoid notice from my sleeping Loverbuns. While only to wake up having CRAFTS! on my mind.
I live in addictions, ya'll. Baking... Cooking... Reading... Cleaning... Exercising... Decorating... Dating/Relationship-ing (my one and only boy, of course)... TV Seasons (Shout outs to my favs The Firm, Alcatraz, American Idol, The Voice and my guilty pleasure ...Dance Mom's-- It's ok. I already know you'll be judging me from here on out.)
I'm going off topic. I have a sad little story to share. Earlier this month I had a small little break down. "Tear fest 2012" to be more clear. The people in my life who I am really close to will know that I'm a super sensitive, wear my heart on both my sleeves kind of girl. I take many things far too personal and can, in many circumstances, get distracted from the most important things and relationships in my life. I'm learning that my sensitivity can be both my biggest strength and most detrimental weakness. Especially when it comes to myself. As a spankin' new mommy, I was finding it difficult to create a balanced life.  And I was needing to discover how I fit into this new role as a mother. No longer a student. Or the employee with the 8am-5pm job. Or the girlfriend without any kiddos. My new life has a role with no rule books, no class schedules, no co-workers, no boss. It has everything except what I am familiar with. How do I balance all of these encouraging and exciting new parts to my life?
My sweet hubs and I recalled a discussion at BYU with a professor and was reminded that

you simply can't balance everything at once. 

I can't balance these addictions that I mentioned previously all at once. I need to prioritize my life with what feels right for me at the moment, and give that my complete energy and attention. And to stop giving myself an awful time for not doing more and being more. I finally realized that making changes requires hard work and being OK with being a different version of myself. I will feel a push to focus on my relationship with those that I love. Then, I will have times of feeling a deep desire to dig deep into my soul and strengthen my love for the Savior and His church.
And now, crafting. Simply put, it makes me happy. It fills my little cubicle of domestic accomplishment. I get to re-live the loveliness of said craft each time I stroll through the living room.

I found my inspiration for my Easter jars from the Christmas Apothecary jars made by the girls at Uncommondesign.
Wod candlesticks & round bases & finals, ceramic & wood glue, glass canisters, funky wooden letters, ribbon, sandpaper, and my favorite spray paint and sealer. 
Ooh yea. We bought this hawt piano. Isn't it beautiful?! I love the curvy legs and scrolly music stand! But I wasn't diggin' the chicken wire wrapped behind music stand or the light color of the stain. Kind of a drab, right?

Soooo... we ripped off the chicken wire and re-stained the entire piano! I'm so excited about how it turned out!
(A few weeks ago, I wanted to change my blog template and everything got all sorts of messed up and I lost all of your blog websites that I would typically stock. I am so sad about it. It may take me a while to find all of your addresses again!)

Ps. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! Loverbuns and I really look forward to our shared birthday week. I spent the day grocery shopping, visiting teaching, and Savannah spent the evening having some quality grandparental time. We spent a beautiful night at home indulging on our favorite splurges including filet mignon. We're talking eyeball-rolling kind of good. It was just ridiculous how tender it was ... even forgetting to add A1 sort of amazing. amc gave me a massage that would make your little toes tingle. Dropping the cherry on top, this boy busted out with a surprise hand-written love letter. Not some phony cheesy story, but rather a completely genuine letter from the heart. He's kind of a gem like that. Afterwards, we went to a few shops at the mall and picked up a few super cute outfits on our parents tab.
                                    It will go down as one of the sweetest dates I've been on!
Yours truly, Me

Saturday, April 7, 2012

3 Months

Oh, my sweet baby girl. Please tell me you're still a baby, right? With the rate you're growing up I'm afraid I am on my way to your high school graduation after packing up all of your newborn clothes.
  1. You are such a smiley girl now! And oh my word you have the cutest grins we have ever seen. Especially the wide, closed mouth smirk. Ya know, the one where you purse your lips together perfectly while hearing plenty of "Aww! You are so cute!" from us. You are going to be breaking lots of hearts little lady. (But we're thinking not until you're at least 35, okay?)
  2. You know how to say mama! Okay, not really. But sometimes when you cry it sounds like "maaaaa" and when you repeat that it sounds like you're calling for my name.  I love it so much that I get tempted to just let you cry it out over and over. But I haven't. ...yet ;-)
  3. You are "cooing" all of the time when you're in love and you let out the funniest screams and laughs when you are excited. 
  4. You are so strong. Especially those long legs of yours. You love to stand on your feet. I think you are so entirely proud of yourself that you can't help but stomp your feet while bouncing your legs.
  5. You don't scratch your face anymore! Well, the majority of the time. You've learned to use the backs of your hands to rub your eyes when you're tired to save that pretty face of yours.
  6. You have become such a diva in regards to the temperature you require of your milk. And you have no problem with letting us know if it has dropped a few degrees. Oh, Miss Savannah Jane...
  7. You love to be swaddled and we know that is why you've been sleeping through the night since you were 2 weeks old. But you can be quite the houdini once you wake up from a nap. It's amazing to see arms and legs finding their way out of a securely velcro-ed swaddle. 
  8. You are becoming more and more aware of where I am. I love this in-between stage of a newborn and a baby. You recognize when I am near you but you don't get upset if I need to leave the room. 
  9. You are grabbing lots of things now. Slobbered fists and momma's hair are your top favorites! Ouch!
  10. You love to get your beauty rest! And momma loves that you love to get your sleep. You get about 10 hours of sleep each night. You have become a great Babywise baby and you love your schedule. Everyone is happy when you are on your 3 hour schedule. We are so spoiled!
My sweet little girl. You are such an angel baby and your daddy and I are so happy to have you in our family.
Yours truly, Me