Friday, August 12, 2011

Week 19: My Pregnancy Diary

Get ready for some serious bumpage this week--this little girl has gone through her growth spurt! And you should probably just come to expect to hear me say every single week, "I can't believe how big I am!" But honestly, that's how I feel. I don't know why I keep waking up expecting to be opposite, but I am constantly surprised with how much my belly is growing.

How Big is the Baby?
Baby Savannah has worked her way up to the length of a large mango this week!
I know the growth has been slow and steady, but I feel like between weeks 18 and 19 my waistline has doubled! The bump is definitely not a figment of my imagination anymore. I no longer look like I've been gobbling down creme-filled doughnuts all week long. I was joking with Aaron this week that sometimes I feel like I need a shirt that says, "I'm pregnant, stop looking at me!"

How I'm Changing?
Besides the obvious growing stomach, I'm just feeling a little fuller in general. More and more I can't stand to have anything tight around my waist, particularly when I'm sitting down. The good news is that I got a pair of super cute maternity capris from Target a few weekends ago. I love feeling like a skinny girl again in those jeans instead of the awful 'slip-a-hair-tie-through-the-loop-of-your-jeans-and-connect-it-to-the-button' trick. What a simple and easy way to make a girl feel chunky. I guess regular jeans aren't much of an option anymore. My hips have definitely spread and I think my chest is still growing. It might finally be time to consider getting some new bras. I'm starting to get those unflattering bra-is-too-tight lines under my shirts. Not good.

How I'm Feeling?
It's funny how quickly my standards for feeling well have adjusted. I keep telling everyone that "I feel so much better!"--which is true, but relative to my un-pregnant self I still feel pretty different. I still wake up and go to sleep feeling nauseous as ever, but over the course of these five long months I've learned to manage and get used to it. I kicked off the first morning to my second trimester with another vomit episode but unfortunately it hadn't been the last. I think this mango-girl just wanted to remind me who was in charge. Most of the time I am feeling really good. It's nothing like it used to be, and I've almost forgotten how horrific the first trimester was.
I have a little more energy and motivation than I did last week. Hopefully this will allow me to feel much more productive. I still find myself out of breath VERY quickly and have to stop and rest more often. AMC always gets a kick out of this after I run up the stairs.
On the eating front, I get really full much more quickly than I used to. My pre-pregnant self could shovel food by the plate full, and now I find myself taking tiny portions that I would have laughed at before. I don't seem to have the room in my belly that I did before, which leaves me hungry again 45 minutes after dinner. And I suddenly get very nauseous very quickly if I don't snack throughout the day. The other exciting news is that I am back to yoga again! AMC came home with a prenatal DVD that I had been wanting but felt inadequate to attempt because of my ever-exhausted body. Yoga is and always has been a beautiful cleansing for me. Physically and emotionally.

Here are a few more random pregnancy thoughts for the week:
Things I can't wait to eat again: Blue and feta cheese and Diet Dr. Pepper
# of times I get up to use the ladies room each night: Usually 3-4
Total weight gained: 8 pounds
# of outfits bought this week for Savannah: 12
Favorite pregnancy fast food: Arby's Roast Beef sandwhich

And with that, I am off to get on my mantra with yoga!
Yours truly, Me