Sunday, January 13, 2013

Savannah's Winter ONEderland!

I've thought about my little Hunnybun's turning one for so long... I can't believe it's come and gone so fast! Well, needless to say, I loved every single part of planning this party. I enjoy planning this type of stuff anyways, but she is my firstborn, and her turning one is a big deal to me us! There were a few sleepless nights of coming up with all the details...ridiculous, I know. I knew that this is one of the few parties that I could choose everything myself... because I know kids start coming up with their own ideas for their birthday parties. 
From the beginning, I wanted the party to feel soft, vintage and feminine, and everything just stemmed from there. I decided on the same color scheme like I did with her nursery room. I used muted pinks, soft golds/silver, ivory, and burlap brown. I started getting things crossed off my list weeks in advance, so that it would be stress-free. I must give a shout-out to my mother-in-law for letting me ransack her fabric and scrapbook-paper stash. And as always, a special thank my Loverbuns who knew this was a big deal to me and worked tirelessly the night before to help me set-up and make food/desserts. I appreciate his love and support more than he'll ever know!

So like I said, I really loved planning every detail of her party. This stuff is FUN for me! And I'm so happy that Savannah's guests took a lot of pictures, because I dropped the ball on the photography! So you can imagine the length of this post. ha ha! And if no one enjoys them but me-- I wouldn't care one bit.
{The Invitations}
Her invitation was definitely a labor of love! I used my 5th grade skills on Powerpoint and lots of help from my Sweetheart. Only 4 hours later, we sent these off to be printed! I love all of the sweet touches and everything else about it. (Tip for future parties, have an RSVP date! Quite a few of the invites didn't reach her friends. Obviously, I didn't realize this until her party. Sad times.)
{The Dessert Table}
White chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels. Powdered donuts. Chocolate mint cake pops. Cheeto white cheddar balls. I also provided Savannah's favorite treats in mini cupcake wrappers--pink cheerios and strawberry yogurt melts.
We decided to serve a light dinner for everyone since the party fell in the evening time.
My sweet mom took care of bringing the her yummy chicken salad croissants. I also put together clear cups of ranch and carrot sticks.
{The Party Favors}
I found Snowflake molds at the craft store and used sprinkles and dipping chocolate to make these pretty snowflake lollipops. I wrapped them in treat bags and tied them off with ribbon and mini homemade "S'' tags.

{The DIY Decorations}
The fabric backdrop was super easy and fun to make. I cut strips of fabric and attached them individually to twine, before ironing each piece. Then, I used a Cricut to cut out the letters & backing for her theme sign "Winter ONEderland"
I created a display for her month-to-month photos. I loved it! I think I'll need to scrapbook the doilies & photos when I take it down.
I wrapped baby food jars with lace, burlap, scrapbook paper, and ribbon.
I also put together this tea-stained coffee filter wreath. I was really happy with how it turned out!
I made Savannah's first Christmas stalking using burlap, ruffles leftover from her lamp shade, lace, and pearls.
{The Cake}
The cake was covered in pink buttercream rosettes, sprinkled with pink pearls and silver glitter. Courtesy of yours truly.
And then of course, Savannah had to eat her cake! She loved every bit of it. She was all business.
And in true Savannah fashion, she loved all the attention as well ;)
(She's sitting in the highchair that we refinished from a blonde-wood to an antique white)
Four generation photo! Savannah with Daddy, Grammie, and Nannie
My bestie dropped in!!!! Love her.
Grandma Moon and Grammie Crossley
Nearly all of Savannah's buddies were sick and so a few of their mommy's came over to celebrate! We were so happy to see them! Love them lots! 
I'm sure the winter illness will always be a battle with her future parties :(
Sweet Hollis and the birthday girl! She LOVED her new toys!
Savannah was loving Uncle Sean's teasing
I'm pretty sure I could eat her.
There is something so special about a firstborn,
she means so much to me- and I'm so grateful to be her mom.
....and I can't believe my baby is one!.....

Happy First birthday little sweetie-baby,
Your daddy and I love you more than words can say.
Yours truly, Me

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cake Smash Photoshoot.

You have arrived! Did it go by as quickly to you as it did for me?
Happy 1st Birthday pretty girl. Every day, I feel blessed to call you mine. You'll never know how much I love and adore you. Maybe not until you have your own baby girl one day; then you will understand. Maybe..
A huge shout out THANK YOU to my brother, who helped snap photos for our little girl's first cake smash session. We couldn't be more pleased. We were thrilled that her Moon grandparents were there to watch the fun.
Her buttercream rosette cake. Made by yours truly.
Milk break!
Getting a change of wardrobe. Sugar-coma, here we come!
You want me to do what?!
Tasty - I guess... 
What am I doing only using my fingers?!
So, this is what I've been missing out on for the last 12 months.
There are no words.
 {I love catching her doing the squat. Her little body is so sweet!}
What now, mom? Nothing could beat that goodness. 
I am getting pretty messy... You still okay with this?
Oh wait! No turning back now! 
Get the bath tub filled ;)
Yours truly, Me