Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 months.

Hunnybuns! You are growing up toooooo quickly. You spend your days walking & walking and I love it!. You are so interested with the world around you. Such a curious little girl. I have evolved into calling you 'Sweetie Baby' and your daddy still loves to call you 'Tiny Angel', 'Little Foot' and 'Fatness Face'. Don't read too much into it. I mean, whats not to love about the chub? Sadly, it's still diminishing. You are so playful and happy. You are easily entertained by your daddy, you love to play games with us and especially love music!
  1. Babbling is your thing now. You are definitely expanding your jabber vocabulary. You kept saying Ma-ma-ma for the longest time. I'll stick with that as being your first word ;-)
  2. You love playing games! You're anticipating the excitement of pic-a-boo and other tickling sessions. Especially when daddy is holding you and I'll creep up towards you to tickle you. You crack up over that!
  3. Bath time is still a favorite of yours. But for the life of me, I cannot get you to sit in the tub. Then again, when do we ever find you sitting anywhere? Why sit when you can slide all over the tub and potentially damage that pretty face of yours? I bet you would stay in there for hours if I let you. Maybe if you start sitting... we could work something out ;)
  4. You have become very interested in everything 'girlie'. Like headbands, necklaces, earrings, etc. If someone is holding you and has one of those accessories, you must have it in your mouth! I always feel the need to let them know that it's you ... and not them. 
  5. The rest of your teeth came in which makes a total of 8! No more slobbery bibs. Until the next round of teething comes back to haunt us.
  6. You are such a happy baby. Flirting with smiley strangers has become your specialty. Unless they touch you. Then you release your stranger danger scowls. I secretly love it. It keeps the nasty fingers off those cheeks of yours.
  7. You are walking up a storm! A week before your 8 month birthday is when you took your first few steps. Your wobbli-ness (yes, new word) is improving each new day. Like your Aunt Marlys says, you're the most stable drunk person around. Your pivoting is clean. We're so impressed.
  8. You're not a snuggler by nature, but this month you have given me a few moments seconds? of laying on my shoulder. My heart just dies when you do. My favorite is when you moanfully chew on my nose, knee, or shoulder. 
  9. You were loving the nursery at the gym. Then suddenly, you up and developed classic separation anxiety. It's been hard on the both of us. You haven't really gotten any better with it. I guess you and I just hang out too much or something ridiculous like that. And so, I turned to the pages of my trusty Babywise book. It recommended that I should've been giving you daily "alone playtime" in your playpen. It looks like we'll have another adventure ahead of us!
  10. You have protested your late evening naps long enough for us to know that you have phased them out. This is your new schedule, which varies on the days we go to the gym.
8:00-milk & food
10:00- nap
11:30- milk & food
1:30- nap
3:30- milk & food
6:30-milk and food
8:10- bed time

You and your daddy make my life complete, and sometimes I think my heart could burst because of the love I have for the both of you. I love being a mom, but I especially love being your mom. I just love you sooooo much girlie.

Yours truly, Me