Monday, November 26, 2012


baby girl is finally able to have milk again after being on a clear liquids diet (blasted milk/phlegm inducing throw-up!)
discovered essie nail polish and am never going back.
completed a few pretty projects for the hunnybun's first birthday.
crafting makes my heart skip beats.
hooked to the mormon channel app. easy way for me to add spiritual strength while doing make-up or crafting.
garage is finally organized.
tiny molars are sprouting in and causing too many tears. from savannah, of course.
still working out 4x/week thanks to my partner debbie! cycle and body power are my drug of choice.
loverbuns survived food poisoning on thanksgiving.
black friday shopping was a success, my closet is happy thanks to momma kimbo.
savannah gave her first kisses to her cousin annabelle.
felt so rad as i enjoyed my 5 minutes of fame after getting 30k+ hits on my reese's cake in. one. day. 
made a new reese's dessert and wasn't in love. I'll tweak it and post it soon.
became the hubby's patient when he cleaned my teeth.
sweetheart got a gun and requested a stocking full of bullets.
Loving our baby buddies group! we try to attend a few play dates each week. so much fun!
trying to treasure my time with my girl.
it's beautiful out today.
going to organize the house and take down the fall decor.
family home evening tonight! putting up the christmas tree, hot chocolate, and frank sinatra holiday on pandora.
even more excited for tonight after the loverbuns whispered to me last night before falling asleep that it is one of his favorite things to do with me.
Yours truly, Me

Friday, November 16, 2012

Goodbye Summer Heat.

This fall weather is bringing in the cooler weather and this Hunnybuns of ours is Lovin' it. I, on the other hand am having conflicting emotions. Christmas music (yes... can you believe it's happening already?), hot chocolate, holiday parades, mall Santa's, etc. I was rocking all of these festive activities last year with my baby bump. That was such a different life, even the thought of it feels unreal. 

Now, my infant-turned-competent-girl is running wild and happily living her simple life. We took her to the park and as soon as her 3'' long feet hit the grass, she was gone. Flapping her hands while having one foot in front of the other. She is a total doll. These past few weeks, my little girl has taken hold of every corner in my heart. She's been teething her molars, feeling miserable from her 4 shots, and survived a snotty cold/fever. And the beauty of it all? The cuddles have finally arrived. Little miss independent has never allowed me to rock her to sleep in my arms. But these past few weeks have changed all of that. She has needed my love, my affection, my safety. I never imagined my heart to feel so entirely vulnerable. She owns it. And I see in the not-so-distant future that she needs me to be so much more for her. So strong, confident, patient with her, and loving ... unconditionally, of course. I'm weak at the idea of being so much that clearly I'm not. 

But my mind and heart feels a little less burdened, some how, because I know that my Savior can make me all that I am not, become all that I could never have dreamed to be. He is a magnifier. He can stretch and bless my faith to be enough. 

I feel overwhelmed more often than I'd like to admit. I feel tired, impatient, I doubt myself, I doubt my Heavenly Father, and so many other shameful but reoccurring emotions. But I am being taught that my  Savior chooses to love me anyways. He has faith in me and my desires to be a good mother. He is teaching me how to trust Him. And I feel blessed that He is teaching me how to become like Him. I see my old self unravelling in to the woman He needs me to be. Way too slowly, I assure you. But I feel the cleansing happening. As long as I ask, I can trust that He will show me.
Peter 1:2 "...Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied."
Yours truly, Me

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Redecorating a Room on a Budget

I'm embarrassed to even show you what this room looked like before. Woman-less. Boring. And for some reason, it never really bothered me.  In the closet I had unpacked boxes overflowing with 5 year old decorations that have outgrown my taste... I need to clarify. These are newly-married, poor-student, fit for our 1st 500 sq ft studio apartment decorations. And so, why bother decorating? Let it be, I lazily thought. Too much effort and not much wiggle room in the budget.
And then the visions and crafty obsessions made their way back into my heart. I love DIY designs, so I got creative with what ugly decor I had using Pinterest and lots of paint.
I chose SW Gray Clouds for this room. I didn't want the grey to have much of any undertone. I wanted a pure gray.
In the photo above, on the left at the top is Comfort Gray--too green. The bottom paint sample was Revere Pewter-- too beige.
The gray paint color here in Savannah's nursery has a pink undertone.
The gray paint color here in our master bedroom has a blue undertone.
Instead of replacing this outdated fan, I slipped out the blades and painted them white with some paint I already had.
This sweet boy's Honey-Do list was out of this world. He was such a good little helper. I'm grateful that he was almost just as excited to spruce up this room as I was.
Measured, cut, primed, and painted the crown molding.
And up they went! Painted and edged. The painting never stops, I tell ya

The Hunnybuns and I were lots of help during this part...
And then I did a true labor of love and made the ruffled curtains using queen bed sheets. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without my mom's sewing expertise and patience... THANK YOU! 
I found my inspiration on Pinterest. I wanted the curtains to be crisp white but wasn't sure how I felt about having so much sun come through when we enjoyed so much having our previous blackout curtains. And so, instead of sewing the ruffles to another white sheet, I attached them to blackout lining that I picked up from Joann's. Too many hours of measuring, sewing, ruffling, and trimming off the extra threads. I can't tell you if I would do it again, but I am glad it is done and over with. I love them so much! Calm your hearts... the photo is at the bottom ;-)
Aaron's English cousin Becky drew this gorgeous picture of us. She did it in about 30 minutes while looking at an engagement photo on Aaron's phone. Her talent is unbelievable. I painted the matting and frame to update the look.
Breyers Oreo Birthday Blast is unbelievably addicting and the best crafting buddy. Ever. I finished the whole tub. 
Anyways, I found some unfinished wood plaques at Hobby Lobby and used some scrapbook paper that I had on hand to make some cute artwork. I also spray-painted in an aqua-green color some 5x7 frames that I found at Target for .86 a piece. I added the gorgeous maternity/newborn photos taken by Kylie C. If you're needing some beautiful photos in the DFW area, she is the best!

We received a signed copy of the Houston, Tx Temple from Aaron's Nannie when we were first married. It's a beautiful temple. 

Last project! Our neighborhood offers a weekly front yard trash pick-up service. On our way to church, I saw a couple bathroom vanities that were ready to be disposed of. And so you know I had Aaron grab his power drill and sneak on over to take the cabinet doors off. 
I used some paint, primer, and gel stain that I already had. I added a few photos using some mini clothespins from a previous project. I drilled a few holes and hung them by the back of the ribbon bow. You can't beat practically free :)
Ta Da!
Isn't she lovely?! I sure think so... I added a few aqua and orange pillows. I used the no-sew method on Pinterest but I'm definitely going to have to sew them. Delicately wrapped around the pillow, these won't be able to hold their own on my child's stomping grounds.
Yours truly, Me

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we enjoyed our long standing tradition of Halloween costumes as a family of Super Hero's. It was so exciting to add a mini Crossley into the mix. It was Batgirl's first Halloween! I got in touch with my crafty side and spent the week putting together tutu's and felt logo's. No-sew.... my type of project ;-) 
A group of the dental students got together for pumpkin carving and BBQ. Aaron is truly blessed with having the most fun, sweet classmates. A few of the darling babies dressed up for the party :)
....and there she goes!
Trick-or-Treating to our neighbor's. She was having a ball with admiring all of the holiday decor. I have no idea where she gets it from.
I can't quite tell if Savannah enjoyed herself at the church's trunk-or-treat.
Year #1: Grease's Danny & Sandy
#2: WWII Soldier and his Nurse
#3: Flapper girl and Gangster
#4: Creepy Couple para El Dio de los Muertos
Yours truly, Me