Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we enjoyed our long standing tradition of Halloween costumes as a family of Super Hero's. It was so exciting to add a mini Crossley into the mix. It was Batgirl's first Halloween! I got in touch with my crafty side and spent the week putting together tutu's and felt logo's. No-sew.... my type of project ;-) 
A group of the dental students got together for pumpkin carving and BBQ. Aaron is truly blessed with having the most fun, sweet classmates. A few of the darling babies dressed up for the party :)
....and there she goes!
Trick-or-Treating to our neighbor's. She was having a ball with admiring all of the holiday decor. I have no idea where she gets it from.
I can't quite tell if Savannah enjoyed herself at the church's trunk-or-treat.
Year #1: Grease's Danny & Sandy
#2: WWII Soldier and his Nurse
#3: Flapper girl and Gangster
#4: Creepy Couple para El Dio de los Muertos
Yours truly, Me


  1. Love your cute superwoman outfit, so adorable! We don't ever really have anything to go to so we never dress up. I think my favorite of all your outfits is the solider and his nurse, too cute! Oh and Batgirl is so adorable too! lol

  2. oh my gosh you guys are awesome!! So do you have to beg and plead with aaron to dress up? Or does he enjoy doing it? Do you come up with all these awesome ideas or does he help? I've decided if I want to dress up with Chris for halloween every year I have to do all the work myself. haha. You're so creative!

    1. Funny thing... He LOVES to dress up. It's weird and cute all at the same time. He even wore his outfit to school, hehe. We will usually talk throughout the year about different ideas and by the time it's October, I make him sit down with me to narrow the choices. Did you catch that? I MAKE him sit down with me to choose. And because he's so busy, I carry out the plans to make it happen. Or at least I make Savannah and my costumes work out ;-) You have lots of options now that you have 2 kiddos in toe!!! I hope you'll be trick-or-treating the streets of Dallas next holiday!! ;-)