Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Months.

Savannah baby, how are you already 10 months old? My dearest little girl, time is flying so fast and I'm trying my best to keep up, it goes these days. Wow, have you learned and grown and stretched your sights high this month! There are so many things you have excelled at. It's been a blast watching your cute self do all these things. You are really showing me that you're turning into a big girl, and not so much a little baby. {cue tears...} It's been a very adventurous month, and your momma is trying hard to take it all in... the realization that you'll be turning 1 year old in less than 8 weeks, is kinda freaking me out. Seriously. One already? You may be ready, but I need more time! Let these next couple months go slowly, so mom can call you her little baby girl just a wee bit longer....Mmmk?
Here's what's going on with you sweetie!
  1. Anyone who knows anything about you will call you out on your crazy wiggle-ness! You are all over the place. It can get pretty tiring while holding you because you are such the wiggle worm! All you want to do is explore while walking-now-turned-running.
  2. You still have those 8 adorable little teeth. The blasted teething has returned along with the slobbering, occasional grumpiness, and the obsessive chomping. Poor baby...
  3. One of your favorite things to do is go through the diaper bag and toy box and pull every.single.item out! I find myself cleaning up that mess at least 3 times every day. You especially love to open the lids off your snacks and dump them all over the floor because, let's get real, that's the best way to shove the most into your mouth.
  4. I love how your personality shines wherever we go. My favorite is the first few moments of walking outside or getting out of the car. You'll spread a grin from ear to ear while having this irresistible cute scrunchy face {don't know where that came from.} Love all your little quirks!
  5. This month you have become so much more cuddly! My heart nearly explodes when you walk up to my knees and nuzzle your head onto them. Those moments have been some of my favorite momma times. It lets me know that I'm doing something right and that you do find comfort in me.
  6. Even though you're still loving baby food, we've started to give you some of our food too, which you love! Especially Daddy's naughty little habit of giving you M&Ms and cookies and anything else yummy he's eating...
  7. You've started to throw things on the floor and you think it's funny. {not so funny}
  8. Your hair is growing! To even out your new baby hairs and the ones you were born with, your Grammie gave you your first hair cut 2 months ago. Now, your bangs are back to reaching the bridge of your nose. To trim or not to trim....I haven't made up my mind whether or not I'll like your bangs swooped to the side or not. What do you think??
  9. Books are a big deal and you LOVE to read them. You love to bring us books during play time and wait for us to invite you on our laps to read. Turning the pages is your favorite part. You especially get excited whenever you spot yourself in a mirror in a few of the books! I hope that you will always love to read.
  10. I can't believe that I haven't said this before, but you love the details! You will find a teeny string or crumb within a 10 foot radius of where you are sitting.
  11. For nap time, you are obsessed with your small Winnie the Poo blankie. It's so cute how much you love it. You wrap your arms around its body and bury your face into it and give it the biggest squeezes. The ears and arms are a little bit harder and you just chew the heck out of them. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw you searching the blanket for them. So funny! And so random.
  12. Daddy taught you to play fetch with your new ball. It's insanely cute watching you waddle over to the ball, squat down to pick it up, and come up with the biggest grin ever and run back to hand it to him. You even squatted down to try to play fetch with a pumpkin this weekend. Maybe one day Tiny Girl!
  13. I don't know who taught you but you picked up Chinese this month. You talk ALL.THE.TIME. And you know exactly what you are saying, it's hilarious. And yes, it definitely sounds like Chinese. Typical Savannah is chewing on a favorite toy while walking in figure 8's while getting your Chinese on.  You can be such a HAM!
8:00- milk & food
10:00- nap
12:00- milk & food
2:00- nap
4:00- milk & food
6:00- food
7:45- milk & bed.
Always chewing on something. Getting ready for her photo shoot. She ruled out the crazy-large bows.
I'm pretty sure I heard Savannah say, "Get me off of this chair before I throw my body off it!"
Why, yes! I'll pose for the picture if I can chew the head of something delish!
My sweetie-baby, I feel blessed every day to call you mine! Your daddy and I truly do love your spirit and smiles. You have him wrapped around that little finger of yours. He wants nothing more than to keep you happy. Thank you for being such a ray of light in our home. We are constantly on our knees asking to see the way the Lord would have us change so that we can be the best parents you need us to be. I want to be so good for you, hunny. Love you more than words can say.
Yours truly, Me