Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 32: My Pregnancy Diary

Eight months down.
The thirties continue! Does anyone else think that is just really really crazy? Whenever I hear someone is in the 30+ weeks, I think that sounds like the end. In every respect--emotionally and physically--I'm becoming more and more aware that the end is near.
I find myself constantly reminding amc, "Ohmygosh...! Can you believe there's going to be three of us? Like, right now... there's even three of us in this room." It encourages us to cherish the spontaneous evenings that we find ourselves running to the car while dressed in our jammies to grab our favorite hot chocolate from the gas station on the corner and a blockbuster movie to spend the evening snuggled up with left-over halloween candy.
How Big is the Baby?
Weighing about 4.5 pounds and measuring around 19 inches, she is now as large as a cantaloupe.
Some days I would like a time machine and fast forward through the next 8 weeks, since pregnancy has felt like an eternity. Other days, I would like to hit pause and buy myself a little more time.
How I'm Changing?
Honestly, I'm huge. But in spite of what I see in the mirror, I haven't gained nearly any weight this past month and my tummy growth didn't progress as much as my OB would have liked. I have my follow-up visit on Monday and hopefully will find out better news about Savannah's growth!
In general, everything is just getting...bigger. It's funny that I used to think all of these body changes were such a big deal, and by now I just roll with it and laugh. My sports bras don't fit anymore and neither will my hips in all of my skirts with zippers, and honestly--I don't care. For all the aches and pains that have come with it, I am totally obsessed with my big belly. I love it. I rub it and watch it move all day long. Amc and I will spend time laying in bed just watching it jump around. Moments like that make me completely forget the extra flab on my thigh's and roundness is my cheeks. It's all about perspective. I'm happy and healthy and that's all that matters to me.
What I'm Feeling?
I can feel her moving ALL the time now, and the movements range from way down deep in my pelvis to high up under my ribs. The kicks are constant and big these days. Quite often I'll see Savannah's body make large and protruding bulges from underneath my skin. She is definitely taking up a lot of space! I hope that my belly and skin can keep up. My Braxton Hicks contractions always get worse the days while I'm at work. My stomach will instantly become rock hard and I literally feel like my skin is going to burst open. We have reached maximum capacity in here!
I'm still dependent on my daily nausea pills to keep the edge off. No extreme cravings or food aversions, but it takes me a long time to choose something to eat these days. Unless it's a McDonalds mcdouble, fries, and completed with a hot fudge sunday. I know! I know. I'm pregnant. Get over it ;-)
The Nursery
I am into the hard-core nesting phase of pregnancy where I want everything to feel ready and settled, and I'm itching to finish the nursery as soon as we can. I've recently entered the uhhh-mazing world of Pinterest. It's such a rush. I've been able to organize my random ideas and hopes for her room and my maternity photos that my cute cousin Kylie volunteered to do. Check out her blooming website here!
Woah. Only 56 more days until it's show time.
Yours truly, Me