Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful in 2010

I got to thinking a lot about my life recently and where I am in comparison to where I'd like to be. And sometimes even though I'm not quite where I want to be, I understand that eventually all the pieces fall into place. This new year was quite refreshing for me! I had the resolution to secretly be happier with myself, my looks and who I am. I can easily get discouraged when I am so prone to acknowledge my imperfections. I think my eyes aren't blue enough, my metabolism is getting slower, instead to viewing my long hair as beautiful, I see it as dry and brittle(thank you Utah!); and my natural hair color with hues of strawberry blonde, always trumps over any type and amount of hair bleach. No amount of skin care product could possibly give me perfect skin. Every gram of fat I consume, I promise you goes straight to my belly. I can easily get discouraged that the outside of me doesn't reflect how beautiful I feel on the inside. Granted I can alter the way I physically look with a little exercise and some minor lifestyle changes (better food choices; going to bed earlier), it can often feel like many elements of my physical appearance are out of my control.
However, In spite of these insecurities, I am trying to be easier on myself in 2010. I'm seeing all of these with open eyes and choosing to love them and enjoy the person I'm becoming . Because while I can never be perfect, I can always try to be the best version of me. And the longer I get used to loving, truly loving my own skin, the more I see that that is more than enough.  I've been blessed in incredible ways throughout my life. So here's to positive thinking and changes for this year!
I've heard it takes two things to make a woman beautiful. First, that she believed it, and second that she had a man telling her it was so. Thank you, Aaron. Thank you for seeing me as beautiful on the outside as how I am on the inside. Thank you for always looking at me like you have never seen such a beautiful girl when you roll over and kiss me in the morning and when I come home from a long day at work. And thank you for being a man to tell me so. Thank you for loving me like how I want to love myself.

Yours truly, Me


Hey there friends and family, thanks for stopping by! And welcome to my little corner of Crossley lovin' and bakin' ! I have a love for anything beautiful, a weakness to my kitchen and craftiness, and an addiction to my sweet Aaron. We were married in the beautiful Houston temple in August of 2008. He's my best friend and the love of my life! I hope you'll enjoy my blog. Yours Truly, Me