Saturday, February 18, 2012

Savannah Finds Her Voice!

Completely absorbed in delicious babyness. 
The snuggles. The unsure grunts when she's having her diaper changed. High and low-pitched coo's. The incredibly adorable attempts to laugh by spewing out forced coughs. 
And my new favorite - after waking up, she'll see my figure and her eyes will scan up towards my face. After a moment she'll spill a huge grin. It's not fair how often she steals my heart.
So in love.
Yours truly, Me

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts that Pitter-Patter

As of lately, I've been contemplating my life and how it has changed with having a pretty pair of eyes and chubby toes join my world. 
My thoughts trace back to waking up to mornings that should have begun with a yummy lunch. Exciting evenings made up of spontaneous movies and delicious foodie cravings. Double dates-without the baby sling and Hooter Hider. Sitting in church. 
Yep, that's it... simply sitting in church.
Or life prior to the baby monitor taking its role as my official alarm clark.  When the nursery was a spare room filled with storage boxes and junk. Before I had killer biceps yet regrettably still unnoticeable.
If I rewind to last year when my mom mentioned to me something I'll never forget and still causes my eyes to gloss over and a lump to take over my throat. It was when I was starting a new fertility med.
"Oh, the things we do just to hear the pitter-patter of little feet."
When I was pregnant with Savannah, many friends and strangers would pass out unsolicited thoughts on becoming a  new mom. "Enjoy your life now while you still have it! Forget the malls and shops. Forget the baths and showers. Being perfectly made-up with hair and make-up on? Forget it! Dinner on the table? In your husbands' dreams. Pretty much say goodbye to everything you are because your life is over!"
Yikes! If that isn't encouraging for an expectant mother to hear, I don't know what is!
Life after Savannah has changed alright. But it was anything but those awful and negative predictions.
Don't get me wrong. It's not ALL smiles. It's not easy. I'm definitely busier now with feedings and entertaining and cooking and cleaning all of which while trying to look pretty cute for my Mister. But it's a choice I'm willing to make. And I think it's just that. A choice to make it how we want to see it. I didn't lose my former life. Neither has my relationship with amc taken an extreme backseat to this new babe in our home. 
Rather, she's added to it. 
Savannah has made life more whole. Filling voids that I didn't know were there. Being her mama has caused me to feel more complete. More confident in my purpose on this earth. More grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and its beautiful principle that families can really be together forever. Not to mention, an awesome repertoire of primary songs. I have a lame soprano voice but she doesn't seem to mind. 
Motherhood just feels good to me.
I absolutely ADORE Valentines Day! Always have. Always will. There's just something to say about spreading the love and affection with the special ones who hold your heart. I've always told amc that I sorta really don't care for flowers. I mean, I was always taken away from the house by school or work. I never had the chance to really enjoy them, ya know? 
Until yesterday. While I was driving to the store to pick up some canvas prints of Savannah's newborn photos(Eek! They look beautiful!) and a few ingredients for our Valentine's dinner and I noticed the car next to me while I was at a red light. Inside the car was HUGE vase of gorgeous red roses. I'm pretty sure I audibly giggled after which was followed by a loud, "Awwww!" Sitting next the red beauties was sheepishly-excited hubby. I was so excited for that special wife of his. Someone was begging for a sessy kiss! 
And then, in that moment, I thought to myself "Ya know? Flowers are nice. I mean, really nice." I kinda-sorta-wish amc was aware of this sudden change in heart that I was having. Oh well! I was looking forward to my only request from him, a much needed massage! After finishing up my errands, I walk in through the door with armful's of groceries (remember my killer biceps?) and I see my Valentine, home early from school. He was dressed up in the sexiest slacks with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies accompanied by our lovely man, Sinatra. 
He was home to help me make our Valentines Dinner.
He's all mine?! What a stud. I'm seriously in love.
Filet Mignon. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. Caesar Salad. 
Easiest V-day goodie to whip up!
"Daddy's Sweetheart" 
Her onesie couldn't be more adorably fitting.
Cheers! To my two Valentines...
Yours truly, Me

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Movin' like a Baby

Life with Savannah simply gets better and better.
With each new day, it's the smallest movements and gestures that are bringing about the most joy in my new life as her mama. Sometimes, I'll get lucky enough to snap a photo or video clip of a flashing smile or a darling 'coo' that melts my soul. I'm finding it easier to indulge in recognizing and cherishing the moment. 

Yesterday, Hunnybuns and I were having a super exciting one-sided conversation together when she suddenly awakened and wanted to share the love. Her eyes met mine and she just let loose on all things lovely and adorable. I about died. And when I thought my heart couldn't take this squeeze...she kept going! My hands scrambled to find my phone. Amc would love to see his little one throwing around so many smiles and coo's
After almost getting lost in the worry of catching it on camera, 




I wanted to fully appreciate and lose myself in this moment with her. And oooh...I was overcompensated on the return. I felt a beautiful and cleansing feeling. As I stared into her eyes, I dwelt on the reality that not too long ago this little love of mine was with her Heavenly Father. And when I wondered if she had ever felt excited to come here to earth and join our family, my heart ached with a spirit of gratitude as she returned another wide-mouth grin. I died again. I made a promise to myself to always appreciate the small things with those that I love most. 

I never know when this moment may be my last.

Here's to loving the small moments with our Savannah Jane.
(Expand the clip by clicking on the title and then the lower right button)
Yours truly, Me

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 Weeks

Hunnybuns 1 month photo! I'm kinda super excited to repeat these photos each month!
Wow. How is it possible that just over a month ago ago, I was in my hospital bed cuddling this little lady in my arms. Those first few days after her birth will forever hold a few of the most tender moments of my life. Time goes by so slowly when you're expecting, but once they're here it doesn't slow down!

  1. We have officially moved into size 1 diapers. I've been subconsciously avoiding this step despite amc's persistence. Yes... she may or may not have had a few diaper blow-outs to validate ditching the cute newborns' size. 
  2. I L.O.V.E. going shopping and running errands with my little woman. Now, why is that? My Moby wrap! Amc tagged along with us on our last shopping trip and he insisted it would be much easier to leave her in the car seat. I told him that he should have stayed home. But, I reluctantly agreed. I totally pouted all throughout the store. Not in the obnoxious way... but by way of letting him know that clearly I was missing out on a bonding moment with my daughter. Bless his heart, he took her out of the car seat and placed her into my awesome 5 yards of stretching goodness! He loves me.
  3. Speaking of that man of mine. You know what melts my heart? Catching this man singing sweet lullabies to his baby girl. The other love his life. And he never lets her forget it.
  4. Our favorite things about her little body? Delicious cheeks. Chunky double chin. Awesome 2'' long, dark hair. She gets it all from her mama. Chunk and all. yum!
  5. I'm her bodily functions' biggest cheerleader! Passing gas and the most awesome burps definitely extracts high pitch squeals and loads of 'good job Hunnybuns!!'
Playtime with her cousins Parker and Grant. No really, she's having so much fun.
On our way to church. She was a total champ.
Ohmygoodness. I just want to pinch her cheeks off!
Yours truly, Me