Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts that Pitter-Patter

As of lately, I've been contemplating my life and how it has changed with having a pretty pair of eyes and chubby toes join my world. 
My thoughts trace back to waking up to mornings that should have begun with a yummy lunch. Exciting evenings made up of spontaneous movies and delicious foodie cravings. Double dates-without the baby sling and Hooter Hider. Sitting in church. 
Yep, that's it... simply sitting in church.
Or life prior to the baby monitor taking its role as my official alarm clark.  When the nursery was a spare room filled with storage boxes and junk. Before I had killer biceps yet regrettably still unnoticeable.
If I rewind to last year when my mom mentioned to me something I'll never forget and still causes my eyes to gloss over and a lump to take over my throat. It was when I was starting a new fertility med.
"Oh, the things we do just to hear the pitter-patter of little feet."
When I was pregnant with Savannah, many friends and strangers would pass out unsolicited thoughts on becoming a  new mom. "Enjoy your life now while you still have it! Forget the malls and shops. Forget the baths and showers. Being perfectly made-up with hair and make-up on? Forget it! Dinner on the table? In your husbands' dreams. Pretty much say goodbye to everything you are because your life is over!"
Yikes! If that isn't encouraging for an expectant mother to hear, I don't know what is!
Life after Savannah has changed alright. But it was anything but those awful and negative predictions.
Don't get me wrong. It's not ALL smiles. It's not easy. I'm definitely busier now with feedings and entertaining and cooking and cleaning all of which while trying to look pretty cute for my Mister. But it's a choice I'm willing to make. And I think it's just that. A choice to make it how we want to see it. I didn't lose my former life. Neither has my relationship with amc taken an extreme backseat to this new babe in our home. 
Rather, she's added to it. 
Savannah has made life more whole. Filling voids that I didn't know were there. Being her mama has caused me to feel more complete. More confident in my purpose on this earth. More grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and its beautiful principle that families can really be together forever. Not to mention, an awesome repertoire of primary songs. I have a lame soprano voice but she doesn't seem to mind. 
Motherhood just feels good to me.
I absolutely ADORE Valentines Day! Always have. Always will. There's just something to say about spreading the love and affection with the special ones who hold your heart. I've always told amc that I sorta really don't care for flowers. I mean, I was always taken away from the house by school or work. I never had the chance to really enjoy them, ya know? 
Until yesterday. While I was driving to the store to pick up some canvas prints of Savannah's newborn photos(Eek! They look beautiful!) and a few ingredients for our Valentine's dinner and I noticed the car next to me while I was at a red light. Inside the car was HUGE vase of gorgeous red roses. I'm pretty sure I audibly giggled after which was followed by a loud, "Awwww!" Sitting next the red beauties was sheepishly-excited hubby. I was so excited for that special wife of his. Someone was begging for a sessy kiss! 
And then, in that moment, I thought to myself "Ya know? Flowers are nice. I mean, really nice." I kinda-sorta-wish amc was aware of this sudden change in heart that I was having. Oh well! I was looking forward to my only request from him, a much needed massage! After finishing up my errands, I walk in through the door with armful's of groceries (remember my killer biceps?) and I see my Valentine, home early from school. He was dressed up in the sexiest slacks with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies accompanied by our lovely man, Sinatra. 
He was home to help me make our Valentines Dinner.
He's all mine?! What a stud. I'm seriously in love.
Filet Mignon. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. Caesar Salad. 
Easiest V-day goodie to whip up!
"Daddy's Sweetheart" 
Her onesie couldn't be more adorably fitting.
Cheers! To my two Valentines...
Yours truly, Me


  1. You're such an amazing woman and SUPER MOM already! Savannah is truly blessed to have you as her mother. You are a role model for all of us with your wonderful encouraging words. Looks like a FABULOUS Valentine's day! That special Vday drink looks quite tasty! :)

  2. Sweet Valentines...tall dark & handsome AND tiny, chubby cheeked and adorable! Beautiful post. Love you:) Mom

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  4. Janene I absolutely love reading your posts. You have so many kind and thoughtful things to say. I really enjoy your thoughts that tie in with the gospel. You're seriously just awesome! Did you decide to nurse Savannah? Also I wanted to say I hope I wasn't one of those negative people, if so I'm terribly sorry because I remember hearing those same comments when I was prego with Grayson and feeling sad about it. Being a mom is such a wonderful blessing and I definitely agree with is a choice to get ready everyday while dealing with a child... it is a choice to keep up your love life with the hubby and so on. Great way of putting all of that. Thanks for letting me enjoy your posts. :>

  5. I don't even really know you and I think you are the most adorable thing ever! I truly enjoy reading your blog because you are so uplifting and insightful. Yikes, I'm so sorry that sometimes you heard lots of negative things about being a mom! That's not fair and I'm glad you can see straight through it! I love being a mother as well and find great joy in it. Oh and just wait til' you are carrying around an almost 20 lb kiddo in the carseat!! Those biceps will then become visible to everyone else, I promise!! What a cute Valentine's dinner date and I love that adorable white dress of yours!

  6. It takes some organization but we can be mom, wife, housekeeper, and also a great dates for our husbands! I have heard those comments too, but i think our lives is almost the same... the difference is that now we are 3!!!

  7. Love it!!! I heard all of those negative comments too....but it truly is a choice! I can honestly say I love love love being a mommy and find it soooo fulfilling:-) life is so much better that way! You are the cutest momma!

  8. Oh I just LOVE reading ya'lls comments. I am everything EXCEPT a super mom :) I think that I still have my sanity because she is such a great baby! I full-heartedly believe in schedules!
    Scarlet - Nooo, of course not! I really appreciated all of your thoughts. Especially with keeping the dating a priority between you and your hubs!! And yes, I decided to nurse! i had zero intentions to but when I gave it a shot at the hospital...I fell in love with it. I also decided to supplement with formula for when we go out and when we have visitors. Just to make everything simple, ya know? I didn't see this one coming! : )

  9. Janene I think that's awesome and formula is Soo helpful! That's great I'm glad it is going better than some of the sad stories about nursing you had heard!

  10. Ummm, the red toes almost made me cry!!!! SO CUTE!