Saturday, February 18, 2012

Savannah Finds Her Voice!

Completely absorbed in delicious babyness. 
The snuggles. The unsure grunts when she's having her diaper changed. High and low-pitched coo's. The incredibly adorable attempts to laugh by spewing out forced coughs. 
And my new favorite - after waking up, she'll see my figure and her eyes will scan up towards my face. After a moment she'll spill a huge grin. It's not fair how often she steals my heart.
So in love.
Yours truly, Me


  1. I love Aaron's baby voice, its absolutely adorable!

  2. Okay she is such a doll! : ) You guys seem like such great parents too- I love it. Also, she looks so much like your hubby in that 2nd video!!! I never knew quite who she looked like but now I know! She is definitely a Crossley!

  3. ahhh! I havent even had the chance to see your sweet girl till today! She is A DOLL!! congrats!! isnt being a mommy the best!!!