Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventure Date Night!

My girlfriend Becky did such a FAB job with blogging our group adventure date night that I couldn't resist using her blog post! The video footage was the prefect idea! I would have completely forgotten! She made some super-duper cute photo edits using GREAT website. I highly recommend it. 
First things first regarding these date nights...the invite!! I oh-so-sneakily placed Aaron's invitation next to his bathroom sink the night before our date. The following morning was my day off work... so I decided the morning surprise of finding this lovely invitation for an evening full of adventures would top a 6am hand delivery from the not-so-hott-in-the-morning wife ;-) 
I knew he would be filled with anticipation all day at school!
Take it away Becky!

We had such a blast Valentine's Day weekend with these two fun loving couples! The clever cutie pie, Janene suggested we take our hubbys out on an adventurous date. With the help of, we got in touch with our inner cupids to create an unforgettable date night.
FIRST, we met up at the Crossley Manor, and each boy was given a clue about a restaurant. Aaron and Todd had poems. And Brian had pictures (since he can't read).
They are so confused!
Ding! Ding! Ding! They figured it out.

Once they figured out the restaurant clues, the boys got to decide which one they wanted to go eat at. They chose Cafe Del Rio, which led us to our NEXT adventure... The car ride.
(Oh. My. Isn't he gorgeous?! <3 The driver's wife)
Car Tasks: Everyone had to draw a task out of the envelope.
One task was for everyone to jump out of the car at a red light and start dancing. This was awesome!
I love how Emily is having a fabulous time shaking her preggo belly! She is too cute!
My car task:
To hold up this sign at the car behind us. An old grandpa was squinting to read it. Once he did, he gave me a thumbs up. I'm glad he chose that finger.

Janene's car task was to reenact an engagement proposal. And here we have Aaron proposing. We got a couple of car honks out of this!
We laughed our little booties off, and drove off quickly before anyone realized that it was hoax!
Have you ever been shot by one of Cupid's arrows? 
Have you ever pretended to BE Cupid?
This was Brian's task. And it was certainly a Laugh Out Loud moment!!
Now at the restaurant we each had to draw a different task to do, as well. 
The restaurant tasks were confidential. Since none of us knew who had what task, it made things interesting bu wondering why someone is saying random things. For example, one task was to mention MC Hammer at least 3 times during dinner. It was too funny! Brian's task was to ask the waitor what was the closest drink they had to Love Potion #9. Our waitor was a complete DUD. He disappeared after Brian asked that. We think that scared him off. Oh, well. We still had great time.
The girlies! I heart these two.
Note: Brian's horseback riding skill was not an official restaurant task. However, it was HILARIOUS, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!
A door my size! Whoop! Whoop!
After dinner, the boys got to choose what activity they wanted to do next. They chose to go back to the Crossley Manor for games and ice cream sundaes!
Great choice boys... This was such a fun date night! has some great ideas. We look forward to more good times with our hubbys and friends!
We hope you had an amazing Valentines in celebrating your love!
Yours truly, Me

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice Day in Southeast Texas

Yes, Miss Brandy. You know all about waiting, don't ya? 
Funny story. Well, the weather took a nosedive here in southeast Texas. It got kind of cold. Some roads and especially bridges even had some ice on them! And it just so happened to occur on the weekend I needed to drive to Houston for some Dental CE credits. I think I pressed the lovely snooze button a few times, not trusting myself to simply 'relax for a few moments' without needing my alarm to sound off with "Good Morning Beautiful." Fitting, huh? Not so. With drool stuck to my face, I somehow managed to slip into the shower at 4:30am. I'm not sure if I actually pulled out the shampoo and soap. Make-up, blow-dry, clothes, chocolate milk and I was as good as I could be! I pulled out onto the highway and carefully drove over to my boss's house to head out to Houston. I could not believe the mentality of some of these "Oh my gosh, I don't know how to drive in this icy-cold weather" people. I saw five wrecks within 10 miles on the highway, including a 7 car pile-up on the other side. Yikes. I was almost to his house but decided to give him a call. Turns out the cities were shutting down all of the bridges and most of the freeways. Ugh, okay. So, I flip around and start heading back, partially excited to slip back into bed and grab another 6 hours of snooze time. Not so. Remember that 7 car pile-up? I found myself at the beginning of the stopped traffic. To make matters a little more convenient, my car battery died once traffic started to move nearly three hours later. Haha, I called Aaron and the tears started flowing like nobody's business. I also was dealing with suppressed frustration with my boss for not calling me as soon as he realized a few hours earlier that he didn't want to drive to Houston. I needed help. I said a quick mental prayer. I sluggishly got out of my car, into the freezing rain, and stopped a few trucks for help. The second guy was an off-duty officer. I was so relieved! He directed traffic to move around, allowing him to squeeze his truck by my car to jump it because the traffic was at a complete stop, again. Another guy pulled over to help. Five minutes later and I was back in my car feeling completely grateful knowing that Heavenly Father knew I had reached my maximum frustration and offered me much needed assistance. I am sure it was mere pity. Either way, I felt my prayer was acknowledged and my heart felt more peaceful and calm. I made it home : )
Aaron and I made some delicious double chocolate waffles. I'll have to share the recipe later. Do you see the picture of Brandy above? We asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and the picture is of her waiting for us to bundle up into warm clothes and come back down to take her out. Aaron's mom took the picture. It made us laugh; she is so precious.
Do you see the massive icicles clinging to the mailbox?!
Yours truly, Me