Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice Day in Southeast Texas

Yes, Miss Brandy. You know all about waiting, don't ya? 
Funny story. Well, the weather took a nosedive here in southeast Texas. It got kind of cold. Some roads and especially bridges even had some ice on them! And it just so happened to occur on the weekend I needed to drive to Houston for some Dental CE credits. I think I pressed the lovely snooze button a few times, not trusting myself to simply 'relax for a few moments' without needing my alarm to sound off with "Good Morning Beautiful." Fitting, huh? Not so. With drool stuck to my face, I somehow managed to slip into the shower at 4:30am. I'm not sure if I actually pulled out the shampoo and soap. Make-up, blow-dry, clothes, chocolate milk and I was as good as I could be! I pulled out onto the highway and carefully drove over to my boss's house to head out to Houston. I could not believe the mentality of some of these "Oh my gosh, I don't know how to drive in this icy-cold weather" people. I saw five wrecks within 10 miles on the highway, including a 7 car pile-up on the other side. Yikes. I was almost to his house but decided to give him a call. Turns out the cities were shutting down all of the bridges and most of the freeways. Ugh, okay. So, I flip around and start heading back, partially excited to slip back into bed and grab another 6 hours of snooze time. Not so. Remember that 7 car pile-up? I found myself at the beginning of the stopped traffic. To make matters a little more convenient, my car battery died once traffic started to move nearly three hours later. Haha, I called Aaron and the tears started flowing like nobody's business. I also was dealing with suppressed frustration with my boss for not calling me as soon as he realized a few hours earlier that he didn't want to drive to Houston. I needed help. I said a quick mental prayer. I sluggishly got out of my car, into the freezing rain, and stopped a few trucks for help. The second guy was an off-duty officer. I was so relieved! He directed traffic to move around, allowing him to squeeze his truck by my car to jump it because the traffic was at a complete stop, again. Another guy pulled over to help. Five minutes later and I was back in my car feeling completely grateful knowing that Heavenly Father knew I had reached my maximum frustration and offered me much needed assistance. I am sure it was mere pity. Either way, I felt my prayer was acknowledged and my heart felt more peaceful and calm. I made it home : )
Aaron and I made some delicious double chocolate waffles. I'll have to share the recipe later. Do you see the picture of Brandy above? We asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and the picture is of her waiting for us to bundle up into warm clothes and come back down to take her out. Aaron's mom took the picture. It made us laugh; she is so precious.
Do you see the massive icicles clinging to the mailbox?!
Yours truly, Me


  1. OH MY i would have cried and cried and cried!!! Then screamed and screamed and screamed haha! And what is the deal with retard-o dentists?!?!? Take a hint Aaron and Spencer RIIIGHT?!?!?! don't listen to what Steve says! I LOVE YELLOW TOO!!!!! I'm carrying this child, WHO'S DA MAM?!?

  2. You are so brave for getting out of the car to wave down help! I would have sat there until Brian came to save the day, even if he couldn't make it until hours later...The power of Prayer is amazing! Heavenly Father always listens and answers. Glad you made it home safe and sound to enjoy some yummy waffles. Yes, we need this recipe!! :))

  3. SO sorry! You handled it so very well! I would likely be one of the bad drivers! haha I love your fearlessness! (Disappointing boss - you deserve a BONU$$$)

  4. Haha, you girls make me laugh! Yes, after 4 states worth of dentist boss's--Aaron is sure to be a fab dentist and boss.
    BONU$$$, wishful thoughts ;)
    Becky, we're making the waffles tonight and i'll share it in a few days. After our Adventure Date Night post :))))

  5. Ok, I'm a total blog stalker but I just came across your blog from Nellie's Cottage and you have such a cute blog! I know the Crossleys and went to high school with Aaron- does that still make me a blog stalker? Probably. Please tell Aaron I said hi and that he has an absolutely adorable wife :) Maybe I'll get to officially meet you one day when we come back home to visit!

  6. You're so sweet Ashleigh! But WHO isn't a blog stalker?! Finding the details of everyone's lives super interesting...sigh. I love my blogging moments. (Okay...hours, well sometimes).
    Aaron doesn't know your married name but he's guessing you're ashleigh sims? Please keep us updated if you come down to Vidor before we move to Dallas in July.
    Your blog is simply darling. Beautiful family! I hope you're loving BYU : )