Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cakes CAKES cakes!

I've been told time and time again that one of my weaknesses is my lack of self-confidence. It's not that I don't believe in myself, nor do I think I have limited potential in the things that I pursue. It's just that sometimes I fear the unknown, the pitfalls, the what ifs. Simply put, I am downright terrified of letting others down and having them think poorly of me, my talents, or my intentions. Naturally, it's often a battle for me to charge head first into something even if in my heart everything fits so perfectly together.
My good friend since forever got married! Sarabeth is such a doll. I have always deeply admired her and have received an unmeasured amount of spiritual inspiration from her. If you knew Sarabeth, you would too. And she is gorgeous. Through and through. I really just love her. 
Her tight wedding budget had been dancing around my mind and I knew she was getting her cake from Costco. And this simply should never be the case. Even with no cake decorating classes behind me, I asked her if I could do her wedding cake for her luncheon reception. As mentioned previously, it doesn't come naturally to charge head first into something that I have little, if any, experience with. I believe it was her sheer excitement that gave me the confidence that whatever I did, she would love it.

Base tier: Italian cream cheese cake with a coconut-cream cheese filling
 Middle tier: Raspberry cake with a cream cheese filling
 Top tier: Pineapple cake with a pineapple-cream cheese filling
She chose neutral colors which left me wanting to do a simple, classy, and romantic style. 
I decided to make her the cake less than a week before her wedding. 
And somehow, it all came together. Beautifully, I must add. 
I am just so darn proud of myself and the incredible support that my sweet Aaron is to me. I also appreciated the sweet pep calls and texts that my mom and bff would send my way. 
My heart is very tender towards those who believe in me.
I also made a tooth cake for a surprise congratulations party for Aaron getting accepted to Baylor. 
I used the same recipe for this chocolate-peanut butter tooth cake that I did with my Chocolate Reese's Mousse Cake
One of his little cousins read a short story to Aaron of The Crocodile's Toothache
How creative and cute is that?!
Congrats future DDS!
I like to continually think it's the simple things in my life, or in anybody's life, that always create the happiest and most memorable of moments--the moments you cherish for as long as you live, and the moments you reflect back on when you're needing a little inspiration or a reason to feel thankful for the incredible things that have blessed your personal journey in life. 
Yours truly,  Me


  1. SO cute! Love the tooth Cake. And Dr. Aaron looks great in his jacket. You are so creative!

  2. I always love our posts, Janene. You are a very genuine person and people can really see that in you. Keep it up! I wish I was more like you. Congrats to you guys for beginning a new phase and getting accepted to Baylor! Oh and lest I forget: GOOD JOB ON THOSE CAKES! Holy cow- you're a professional!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding cake! It totally looks professional. You have amazing talent when it comes to cake decorating, Janene! And that tooth cake is the cutest cake I've ever seen!! I want to hear all about how you made it. :)

  4. Oh wow girls...THANKS so much for your sweet comments. It doesn't feel like it's ME you're talking about, ha ha!
    Becky! It took about a total of 4 hours. I made the cake in a 9x13. Torted the cake and put a peanut butter mousse filling inside. Then I carved the cake into the shape of a tooth. Ha ha, don't ask me how! Seal with a crumb coat. Separate the fondant and mix in some gel coloring. Roll it out and cover the entire cake. Decorate and voila! It's seriously not as hard as it looks. If I could do then you could totally do it Miss Cute Crafty pants! Ps. I can't look at your blog! The invite you sent to me was only valid once. Lame. Also, we had so much fun with yall for the fondue! You guys are so much fun to be around. We'll have to do it again. Soon!

  5. Peanut butter mousse sounds yuummmmy! Maybe I'll attempt a cake like that one of these days...That's weird about the invite. I'll resend it. Oh, and THANKS for letting us borrow some movies! We'll hold them ransom until we hang out again. ;)

  6. Ohh my Janene! You are soooo soooo talented!! Those cakes are making my mouth water! Mmmmm.... I love the cake you made for Aaron!!! I see a career in cakes in your future?! You are one talented lady! :)

  7. You did awesome on that cake! I love the lace accent. Nice touch. :) And seriously cute tooth cake. :)

  8. You are AMAZING! I love everything about you and all your crazy talents too! Thanks for being my friend and such an inspiration. You are the complete package. Your post are always fun and you still manage to end on a spiritual note. Thanks for being FABULOUS! I'm better for knowing you. :)