Saturday, April 7, 2012

3 Months

Oh, my sweet baby girl. Please tell me you're still a baby, right? With the rate you're growing up I'm afraid I am on my way to your high school graduation after packing up all of your newborn clothes.
  1. You are such a smiley girl now! And oh my word you have the cutest grins we have ever seen. Especially the wide, closed mouth smirk. Ya know, the one where you purse your lips together perfectly while hearing plenty of "Aww! You are so cute!" from us. You are going to be breaking lots of hearts little lady. (But we're thinking not until you're at least 35, okay?)
  2. You know how to say mama! Okay, not really. But sometimes when you cry it sounds like "maaaaa" and when you repeat that it sounds like you're calling for my name.  I love it so much that I get tempted to just let you cry it out over and over. But I haven't. ...yet ;-)
  3. You are "cooing" all of the time when you're in love and you let out the funniest screams and laughs when you are excited. 
  4. You are so strong. Especially those long legs of yours. You love to stand on your feet. I think you are so entirely proud of yourself that you can't help but stomp your feet while bouncing your legs.
  5. You don't scratch your face anymore! Well, the majority of the time. You've learned to use the backs of your hands to rub your eyes when you're tired to save that pretty face of yours.
  6. You have become such a diva in regards to the temperature you require of your milk. And you have no problem with letting us know if it has dropped a few degrees. Oh, Miss Savannah Jane...
  7. You love to be swaddled and we know that is why you've been sleeping through the night since you were 2 weeks old. But you can be quite the houdini once you wake up from a nap. It's amazing to see arms and legs finding their way out of a securely velcro-ed swaddle. 
  8. You are becoming more and more aware of where I am. I love this in-between stage of a newborn and a baby. You recognize when I am near you but you don't get upset if I need to leave the room. 
  9. You are grabbing lots of things now. Slobbered fists and momma's hair are your top favorites! Ouch!
  10. You love to get your beauty rest! And momma loves that you love to get your sleep. You get about 10 hours of sleep each night. You have become a great Babywise baby and you love your schedule. Everyone is happy when you are on your 3 hour schedule. We are so spoiled!
My sweet little girl. You are such an angel baby and your daddy and I are so happy to have you in our family.
Yours truly, Me


  1. She is so adorable and growing up so quickly. What a happy little Savannah.

  2. Ah.. don't you just love a scheduled baby? I used Babywise (well a semi-modified version) with my kids and I have never regretted it. They have always been awesome sleepers. She is so, so, so cute and I love the stage where they start to put on some chunk! She really is beautiful :)

  3. So cute!!! more exciting things to come. My husband said to Krystal.... No dates until 25... and you guys say 35???? that's kind of a LOT! hahahaha

  4. Yes! It's nuts how much she has grown up! Chunk and all

  5. Ahhhhh, I love the montage of pictures, its very progressive! She is so darling! (Also, I was getting busy with school and my lit degree so I had to stop selling bracelets, but I can make a little bracelet if she would like, just let me know. Thanks so much!!)

  6. Oh wow! I didn't have a clue that you went back to school! Nursing school to a lit degree ... It's about time you did what you love :) I'll send her your information. Savannah is just now chubbing up enough to wear the bracelet you made for her. It's gorgeous.. You're so creative!