Friday, October 22, 2010

Making A Girly Fondant Cake

Nearly 2 years ago I started to get this craving to make and decorate a fondant cake. The Food Channel was deadly for this craving and the new Cupcake Wars episodes didn't help either. But, let's face it, fondant is gross. I always peel it off at weddings and parties. Not to mention it's physical form of pasty diabetes due to the sugar overload you'll acquire if you are bold enough to swallow it with your cake. Yuk! So, I kicked Wilton's expensive trash and made a homemade marshmallow fondant. 
Of course, with the help of my super cute sou chef ; )
Since this was my first cake and I honestly didn't know what the heck I was doing, I only did a two-tiered cake. I decided on a red velvet cake for the base and a triple chocolate chip cake for the topper with both slathered with cream cheese filling. 
Mouth watering yet? Ummm mine sure is.
I crumb coated the cakes and put them in the freezer. I made the marshmallow fondant, rolled it out, and had then Aaron help me decide on what colors to do. For some reason, he didn't like my original teal/blue, black, and white color scheme. 
Can I just say that forming this fondant to the cake is NOT easy. At all.
But i did it! And i'm sure I strategically placed the cake in this position for a snapshot to cover any...imperfections. 
Phew! The hard part was over and now I could breathe and decorate.
I used a pizza cutter to get the stripes and bottle caps and glass rims to get the polka dots.
I was really happy with the outcome and how great it turned out! I'm realizing that I like to be alone in the kitchen when I bake. It was so hard to think clearly because there were tons of people, haha. I had one meltdown that i'll shamelessly admit to. Definitely a favorite hobby that i'll continue.

Yours truly, Little Bakin' Blonde


  1. That is so cute!!! I love the way fondant looks but I'm with you...its way to sugary and thats coming form a sugarholic!!! I need your recipe.

  2. I'll send the recipe to ya Danica! There's a fabulous video on youtube. It does a great job at explaining how to make it if you're a fondant newbie like me!