Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love the Holidays

Dear Autumn,
I love you...
I get to turn these gorgeous pumpkins into glowing spooky scenes
I get to wear my plethora of scarves. Almost daily.
You make the best apples. Oh, and do I love to dip and dress them up.
You also give me a reason to drink apple cider all the time.
I now have a beautiful and precious niece.
Annabelle Kay Tolman
I love the holidays.
Yours truly,  Me


  1. janene~i need your recipe/directions for those delish apples...yum!!

  2. Why thank you! I love Autumn too! J/K! How fun! The cake you made looks awesome! Hope you are doing well! It was fun to see your comment on my blog. Are you the one that takes those amazing pics on your blog?

  3. Shawna- Totally. This will give me another reason to make it. I'll happily blog it.
    Autumn-I miss your cute face. Both Aaron and I like to take fun photographs. I'm really dying to take a photography lighting class so we can really know how to take great pics with our camera. We try. You boosted our ego : )