Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Life

I see beauty whenever I see this video of Stephanie, in every sense of the word. After viewing so many Mormon Messages my heart wants to explode. I have been craving for things that inspire me. This story transcends all denomination and shows the very real relationship one broken heart can have with Christ. I felt that she reflects the Savior as she reminds the world that everything beautiful and inspiring is deeply rooted in the way we live our lives. I felt such love and peace as I watched her story and my entire soul was humbled at the extent to which my life is blessed. Enormously blessed. Because I have a marriage.  And a best friend who loves me and would "fly to the moon and back while waiting 20 years for me" if he had to. I have a good, explosive, strengthening, enduring, and loving family that a girl could possibly hope for. My friends and family have been nothing but a blessing to me and ultimate lifesavers. I have a growing testimony of my Savior and His church and the reality of His existence. He supports me. He really loves me as if I was His everything. And He listens to me. I know He listens because I see the answers come. And, I feel beautiful. I know that I can be more patient, more kind and loving towards others, more dedicated to reading the scriptures because I know these things will help sustain me when challenges and life happens. But my Savior lets me feel beautiful as I try. What a blessing and privilege it is to be apart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this makes me feel incredibly happy. I think "My New Life" is more fitting than ever for Stephanie's story, wouldn't you agree?

We had a fabulous time visiting Plano. I loved having good heart to hearts with my best loverlies.
I just love them a whole lot.
My baby sister Kayla is pretty dang cute, huh?!
And I'm convinced he thinks I'm just as cute to boot!
We played near a park and Kayla Whala wanted this cool shot. Ha! 
(Thats right I did, like I would not strategically crop out my bum? Foreal.)
Aaron and my baby bro Michael always get a few matches in whenever we visit.
Aaron and I went to his interview at Baylor dental school in Dallas.
Nearly 1,500 applicants apply. 210 appear intelligent enough to score an interview. 90 receive acceptances. Aaron rocked the interview! EeeeKKK! We're hoping to hear back on Dec. 3 when notices are sent out. Presumptuous? Maybe we are, it's border-lined with a whole lot of faith!
I should've split this post into 2 so you could avoid a Crossley overload. But anyways, here you have us!

Yours truly, Me

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