Friday, July 23, 2010

Happily Unemployed

Isn't life funny sometimes? I mean, in the way that makes you want to role your eyes in the back of your head. We moved down to Texas nearly 2 months ago with great jobs lined up for each of us. I had 2 offers at orthodontic offices the day after I settled in. I picked the office where I would be needed to replace a gal that was moving. WELL, three weeks later, she decides not to move. OUCH. No big deal, right? 
Two days later, I can hear Aaron ending a conversation with his principal  "Okay, well I appreciated your time, thanks ." It turns out the principal at the high school where Aaron had planned on teaching found a more qualified science teacher. What were we doing wrong? Options and plans for our futures that felt so right were out the door.  The longer we are here and the more time we spend with our families and especially through meeting others I am realizing we are here for good reasons. I am learning how grateful I want to feel because of the blessings that never cease. I am learning how to see these blessings more easily when the solutions to my challenges seem far-fetched. I am so happy for the education and knowledge that helps me to find the peace I need to get past myself .

So, we've decided to be happily unemployed in the mean time : )
I think it really works for us, too.
Aaron's  entire family spent a week in San Antonio. I have loved, loved spending time with them. We wouldn't have moved to Texas as early as we did if Aaron hadn't had planned on teaching. We moved into Aaron's parent's new home. And it's been GOOD.  I have really fallen in love with my in-laws. Haha, I finally feel comfortable with saying "mom" and "dad." Isn't it the small things in life that reminds us how loved we are?
                      We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and Madame Tussaurd's Wax Museum.
Sentimental moment. Baby Buddha meets Buddha.
This Rocky was legit.
Saltgrass at Riverwalk. Their mac n' cheese is Heavenly.
Have I mentioned that I've loved being home?
Yours truly,  me


  1. Oh no! At least you guys are becoming residents of Texas for dental school! And you are close to family like you said! You guys are so cute!

  2. That is sooo crazy about your jobs! I am so glad you are staying sooo positive about it all! :) Have so much fun enjoying your time off together! I am sure it will be far and few in the next few years! Lots of love and prayers your way! :)