Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Happenings

Summer. Slow-paced. Relaxing... finding yourself bored kind of relaxing. Extra time to read really good books. Pondering time. Swimsuits and tan lines. Sigh...
This summer has been a busy one for us and I am craving some relaxing time like cu-razy!
These past few months have been incredibly fun for us. We went on our third cruise!

It's our favorite way to vacation. The only thing I'd change in the future is the cruise line, no offense Carnival! We have your menu memorized, your activities...we've done them all, destinations were all gorgeous in their entireties.
Aaron scored a Nikon camera for his birthday!! He kept sneaking away every chance he got (a.k.a. Every time I was laying out!) to play with his new toy. He was SO pouty when his precious zoom lens' motor died on the first day! But thanks to Nikon's amazing warranty that we didn't technically qualify for...his spirits have been restored!
Catalina Island's Finest: Get this...tow trucks for golf carts--their usual transportation. So rad.
Then we hiked the Provo "Y" with my sister and her hubby. 
Since we've moved to Texas...we've really really missed them.
I also miss these beautiful smiles : )

Aaron scored a teaching position for Vidor High School this coming school year .  Aaron submitted his dental school application(cross your fingers!) and he's always wanted to teach high school for his off year before grad school. Good thing we got his braces taken off last month before he starts teaching his chemistry class, ha! Maybe he should grow some facial hair , too...And how about I break it to the high school ladies now and decorate his classroom with pictures of me .  Hmm.. we'll see.
So we sold our things and packed our Malibu and hit the road to head back home to Texas. The drive went really well! Thanks to our Mac and a ton of redbox movies.  I kind of really like road trips. I LOVE love  talking with Aaron about everything on my mind and he has no where to go : ) Poor guy. What's the first thing we so happened to buy in Texas?

MMmm...Happy Tracks! It's a new one.

We really love being from the south. The pride is just ridiculous.
Home Sweet Home
Yours truly, Me


  1. Aw man, we're going to miss you guys! Sean and Becky need to have a baby so we have a good reason to come all the way down there! Or you guys could, either way :) So are you looking for a job out there too?

  2. This post really makes me homesick! Matt and I really want to go on a cruise before dental school starts (I have never been!), so when we start planning it I will have to get a hold of you! Wouldn't that be wonderful if Aaron and Matt ended up going to the same school!? The chances are slim just because we aren't considered Texas residents, but we can always hope right?! :)

  3. Em- OR.. we could! Haha, I loved your baby hungry post ; ) I sealed a job the day we moved down here. Nice, huh?! So i started a few weeks ago at this orho office. L-O-V-E it. Where are ya'll settling?

    Steph-You totally should cruise! San Diego is usually the cheapest. We did the 4 day for $189/person. Keep in touch if you want me to find you a sweet deal ; ) How did matt not get residencey?! Well, he rocked his dat and i'm sure his byu stats are fabulous. Is he applying now? That would be too fun if they got in the same school... hopefully san antonio!

  4. Looks like you guys are having such a fun summer!!!! And I cant even believe you guys have been on 3 cruises! Thats looks sooo fun! We have been wanting to go on a cruise but we havent yet!!! Glad to see you two are doing well! :)