Monday, September 16, 2013

Twins Announcement!

Crossley Babies #2 & #3 are already cookin'!
Even though our sweet Savannah has no idea what's going on yet, she will be so excited to have 2 little babies coming to join her! Their big debut is scheduled to be December 21st! I'll be 37 weeks and the Loverbuns finishes with his school semester on Friday the 20th and we are so relieved he'll have 3 weeks for the holidays to stay home.
How do I think our little Hunnybuns will do with the twins? In all honesty, I have no idea! But she is a tender girl. She isn't mean, pushy, or bossy. She is still my sweet baby girl. It truly has been one of my greatest blessings to become her mother. To learn of her sweet & crazy nature. I have always wanted to become a mother, and I never imagined how hard and rewarding it would be. 
My heart has felt an aching recently. It's usually when I'm holding Savannah with both my arms wrapped around her while her legs are resting on my hips. Her focus is entirely on my eyes and she's displaying her biggest, beautiful smile. And she is just waiting for me to show her how much I love and adore her. She feels it through my giggles and tickles. Or through my singing and peek-a-boo-ing. And I feel a bit of the ache when I realize that I'll have to share that love and time with her 2 little siblings. I know there's been far too many times she has probably waited to feel it from me...but either my phone or computer was turned on. These precious reality checks are helping my perspective get in line with how I know that I should spend my time. It's such a painful lesson to learn over and over!

We had an idea that we might be looking at having multiple babies after having blood-work levels done at 3 weeks. We had an ultrasound scheduled at my 6 week check to see if there was 1 or 2 or even 3 babies! I have to be honest, after hearing the possibility of having twins, I would have been a little disappointed if it weren't true. I had prepared myself to see 1 baby sac but was secretly hoping for 2 (same story with finding out that we were having a girl when we were pregnant with Savannah). The ultrasound tech showed us the screen and as soon as I saw the 2 sacs I started balling hysterically! My heart was so full of shock and excitement for our little miracle babies. Words can't describe how ecstatic we were to see those 2 baby sacs at 6 weeks! Then the laughable reality came. We need another car seat, another bouncer, boppy pillow, bumbo seat, more clothes and bottles, double the diapers, and a crib! Will our double stroller work or would we need a triple? Omg we just bought our small suv for the future day when we would become pregnant with #2. Will it fit 3 large infant/toddler seats in the single bench seat?! How on earth do you juggle 2 crying newborns plus a 23 month old? All of these questions came simultaneously while I was staring the the 2 sacs and heartbeats on the screen. And so all I could do was laugh. And laugh hard, I did. As in, she ultrasound tech needed to tell me to calm down because she couldn't get the measurements with my body convulsing from deep belly laughs. The rest of the day, Aaron and I just laughed and grinned.

We are so grateful for this sweet and unique blessing to have 2 babies come join our family. I can't help but wonder why Heavenly Father is sending 2 spirits together to our home. It makes me humbled as I imagine the purpose that these sweet spirits will have on this earth. We know that He has given us financial and spiritual blessing after blessing during these past few months as we've prepared for the new editions, and we couldn't be more excited and anxious to meet these little ones!
Yours truly, Me


  1. You will find your heart expands instantly and there will be more than enough love for all your precious babies:) It is a magical miracle every time that happens!