Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Independence Day!

Even though the fourth was quite a long time ago, I still feel the need to record our activities. For future generations, ya know? ;-)
We always have such a fun time on the fourth! The last four years we've been invited to go over to Grandpa Earl and Nannie's home for a family BBQ, fireworks party, and the celebration of Nannie's birthday. 
This year we had story-telling with Grammie
Cousin cuteness. Annabelle sure does love her new addition to her baby dolls.
Girly pampering
Swimming with the cutest baby girl. ever.
Becoming more socially acceptable...
Yummy food and cute desserts
My sister-in-law Brittany has a beautiful and delicious cupcake business. Check her out at Blissful Bites
Birthday spotlight and singing for our dear Nannie
Fourth engaged-versary! 
Auntie lovin'
And lots and lots of fun fireworks! The Hunnybuns was petrified during the entire show but I loved the cuddle time and she eventually warmed up to the explosions. I'll pack the mini earplugs next year. It was a wonderful vacation!
Yours truly, Me

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