Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7 months.

(she was drooling and lunging for the dangling lens cap)
(look at this cheesy smile?! it was nap time... she was just humoring me)

our beautiful baby girl is 7 months old! how are you closer to a 1 year old than a newborn?!
here are some new things you've learned and things we've learned about you!
  1. you have 4 new teeth that just popped in on top. 6 = total. it was such a fun discovery to see so much going on in your gums but it kind of makes me sad. i haven't managed to cope with this growing business quite yet. 
  2. you are communicating more and more and i feel like you are understanding what i say to you. we've been working really hard since you were 4 months on signing to 'milk', 'momma', 'da-da', 'up', 'down' and 'more'. You understand the words but i don't think you know that you even have hands.
  3. since you have become the moving machine, we've had to create some 'no zones' around the house. top of the stairs, vases, blinds, etc... your obedience is shining through hunnybuns! we are amazed at the way you avoid touching the objects even though you are obvious with about how badly you want to play with them. occasionally your body will be flailing with excitement as you're a foot away from a tall floor vase. your giddy eyes are scanning up and down the zebra colors. slowly, you'll lean closer with your finger stretched out. but pshyc! you'll fall back and crawl away. sometimes, you forget about it being off-limits, and you'll lean closer in to touch it. we'll say, "savaaaaaaaanah?" 99% of the time, you'll fall back and go on with your exciting life. i'm so impressed... please stay that way. k?
  4. your favorite book is brown bear, brown bear. but you're still partial to the 3-paged red, yellow, and blue book.
  5. you've gotten a little feisty this month and have shown a few moments of frustration. you'll fuss and fuss and then let out a quick, loud scream. you sure do know how to protest! a sign of things to come? i hope not.
  6. i have yet to lie you down on your back and for you to stay on your back. you are such a wiggly worm! the moment i put you on your back for a diaper or clothes change, you will swing your entire torso over to quickly crawl away. i've resorted to embarrassing measures to get the job done. you're not happy if you're not crawling or side-scaling the couches with something new in your hands (or mouth!) You've mastered the 'falling' technique. ouch!
  7. you're wearing up to size 12 month clothes. you're a long little thing! your rolls of chub are slowly diminishing. as long as you're standing (on the tippy-toes!) then you're a happy as a ham.
  8. you're a great little eater. you will basically eat everything we give you. the trick is to keep your attention. you're so enthralled with the world around you that food quickly looses its appeal.
  9. you're still rocking the ear infections. poor baby, we'll occasionally (10x/month) hear you awake in the middle of the night with a short bout of crying. we know you're hurting but you've handled the pain so well.
  10. sleep is still your friend. you have the same schedule as last month. sleeping about 11 hours a night. you're waking up a little bit earlier but you just play and chat with yourself in your crib until i come to get you at 8am. 
i've said it before and I'll say it again, savannah, having you here the past 7 months have been the happiest 7 months. you have made our lives and hearts so full! you are such a blessing to us. we're so lucky to have you as our daughter. it's the most fun thing ever to see your sweet, bright personality. we couldn't imagine loving you anymore than we already do. xoxo
Yours truly, Me

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