Monday, April 18, 2011

Hawaii, Part 3 (the last one...I promise!)

Well hello Mr. Kamehameha Bus Stop. We hung out by your side while we waited to hop on The Bus to tour your beloved island's terrain. Aaron and I still miss your bus driver's hesitating glances as we loaded on bag after bag just below the sign that reads, "No suitcases allowed on The Bus". Yes, it's true, you remind us that we saved nearly $450 by avoiding car rentals and insanely expensive parking fees.
But you are so not worth it.
My favorite beach stop!!! Waimea Beach. AMC is sporting his thuggish swag near the sign that had printed, "DANGEROUS SHOREBREAK!"
AKA: "Come...and play in the most fabulous waves crashing near the shoreline!"
Waimea Beach is famous for the thrill seakers who jump the cliffs/rocks into the ocean. Oh snap! There goes my boy!
Oh, how I wish his lack of anxiety was more contagious... What a champ!
Tree 90x, anyone? He just doesn't stop, does he?
HAHA. So, I initially took the photo that you see below...being partially oblivous to what effect he was going for. AMC: "Janene, you didn't get the ground in the photo, right?" Don't hate.
I lived in small house right across from Hukilau's beach. This made the Hukilau Cafe a 20 second walk from home. I was always jamming to my man Jack Johnson's songs. Was 'Banana Pancakes' not the best song ever? He was talking about Hukilau Cafe's famous banana pancakes! I was so bummed that the Cafe was closed when we had plans to go for breakfast. Next time...
For those of ya'll who are LOST fanatics: This spot is from the scene when Sun gets married to Jin. This was sentimental. We had the best few months watching LOST on Hulu. My heart aches right now as I realize how much I miss Jack and Kate and Sawyer,etc...
Shaved Ice! Matsumoto has the most yummiest on the island. It's a fun place that has the walls plastered with photos of celebrities sipping on their delicious shaved ice. We could not stop thinking of how it was the best we've ever had until we got the last slurp of the ice-cream/shaved ice mix. Pina Colada and Strawberry mixed stole my heart.
Halieva has a fun street to cruise for yummy foods and neat tourist shops. I just love the North Shore
Stand Up Paddling! This was the actvity that I was most excited to do! He's not naked, I promise.
I may have fallen a time or 2..or 3...or 4. Who's counting anyways?
Warrior One pose. I felt so rad and so coordinated.... Just up until I lost my balance the second after he snapped the photo.
Yours truly, Me


  1. Ahh! I love, love, LOVE all your Hawaii posts! I didn't know that song Banana Pancakes was written about an actual place in Hawaii. Bummer that they were closed. You guys did so much fun stuff! Those trees are crazy. You, being Jane, should have worn that adorable Leopard print swim suit while swinging on those trees! And your Hubs is totally Tarzan climbing on every tree on the island.

  2. Beckster! I totally should have! We'll get matching suits and play Jane in Hawaii in like 4 years. Okay? Okay. In the mean time, let's play soon. It's been like a week?!

  3. Deal! I'll start saving up now for Hawaii, or I can always look into some Time Shares. ;) Yesss, time to play!!!