Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hawaii, Part 2

The King of surfing. 
Okay my chocolate loverlies. If you love caramel or chocolate or macadamia nuts then you may understand my slight addiction to my most favorite Hawaiian treat. I am sure I brought up their amazing existance to AMC on a billion occasions. Muai Caramacs. Now that I think of it, we only purchased 14 or 15 boxes. Yikes. I take that 'slight' comment back. 
These trees were unreal! The trunks were massive. Then, from each of the large branches, there were even more branches that vertically grew back into the earth. Phenomenal.
My little Tarzan... I had so much fun watching him run up the tree like a wild jungle man. I find myself smiling as I realize how much fun we have together. 
Clearly, I'm Jane. Uncertain and clumsy. 
We walked down the Waikiki beach and it felt so good listening to the reggae music blaring from various restaurants while watching hula dancers dance away during our first sunset in Hawaii. 
Pearl Harbor. 
My heart leaped when I saw the map of the islands on the cement floor.  My great-grandfather, Forest Packard, was captured on Wake Island. He served as a POW for 5 years during WWII in Japanese camps. I loved that I've been able to read so many compilations of records and journal entries from him and those that knew him while in the prison camps. I know that his posterity has been blessed because of his faith and testimony of his Savior. I really can't wait to meet him. And I'm so grateful to know that I can. I have so much to learn.
Love him.
U.S.S Arizona
Awesome machine gun.
Boo. Japanese suicide bomber torpedo. Almost all attempts were unsuccessful. Not Boo.
Swap Meet! I saw it. Loved it. I'm pretty sure I squealed loud enough to embarrass myself in front of the dealer. Aaron made me buy it. 
Hanauma Bay. Beautiful snorkeling! We bought some snorkel gear before we left for Hawaii to maximize our snorkeling time. Total waste. I only used my pair once. And if it were up to me, I wouldn't have used it at all. I am the worst cold-water pansy ever. I have little patience for it. But I did humor AMC and we (of course!) had so much fun snorkeling and snapping pictures of each other and the tropical fish with our underwater camera. (I'll add the pictures whenever I get around to developing them.)
I fell in LOVE with my Hawaii shirt : )

Yours truly, Me


  1. It looks like so much fun!!! We are going mid may and I am so excited! I have never been! Your pictures make it look marvelous!

  2. hot momma in the cheetah swim suit! looks like ya'll are having a blast! What hotel did you guys stay in? WE stayed right on Waikiki beach too so I am recognizing those trees and the surf king! :>

  3. you guys look hot and i heart your hawaii shirt too! parker wants some maui caramacs, he told me so!!!

  4. We stayed at the Miramar hotel. It was a block from the beach...right across from Chili's! Where did ya'll stay? I think Aaron and I are going to rob a bank and buy a house in Hawaii tomorrow. It's worth it.

  5. hahaha it's totally worth it! We stayed in the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel.

  6. Oh my heck!! I've had those Hawaiian chocolates ONCE upon a time and they are IN FACT amazing!!! I really hope you haven't eaten one of those 14 boxes yet! Eek! I must have some!

    P.S. I would have totally squealed if I saw that purse. I'm completely in love with shiny things and rosettes.