Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rejoining the Workforce

Does the Lord not always provide? I am noticing a pattern in the way the Lord answer's my desperate prayers. It is almost always after my faith has been stretched and my hope has been running on empty. I am so grateful for my upbringing and the personal experiences that have taught me tough and valuable lessons. Also, I appreciate the examples I've seen where people have realized the Lord is in charge and has an infinite ability to understand and tap into our dreams and paths in this life -- resulting in true happiness. Basically, I feel special to know that Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself.
Aaron and I have rejoined the workforce!

Meet the new Chemistry teacher at Kelly High School!!! He teaches 2 regular, 2 pre-AP, and 2 AP Chemistry classes.
So... we were playing Loaded Questions (really fun game to play with people you know well) and Aaron had to answer the question, "What is evidence that there is something very wrong in this world?" His response? Aaron M. Crossley being paid to teach a high school chemistry class. Ha! Don't get me wrong, he's really smart and totally deserves and has earned this. It's just, around here, everyone knows how much of a trouble-making, irresponsible teenager he is. WAS... I meant was.
Oh, what sort of school is this you may ask? STATS for Class of 2009: 99% went on to college (the 1% went to the military), 92% went on to 4 year universities, and with only 112 graduates they collectively received $5 million worth of grants and scholarships. These are smart cookies. Mr. Crossley is smarter.
BUT...2 incomes is even better AND a first for our family. It's exciting to save for the future.
 I started a few weeks ago working for a pretty rad dentist. He admits he has adult ADHD. We have fun at work. He's also running for city mayor next year, go figure. Life is good. Aaron and I know we are in a blessed time in our story together. This coming Saturday is our 2nd year anniversary together. That's when the cutest guy in the universe asked me to be his best friend forever. Fast forward two years and I am excited for this one. We got tickets to go see Brian Regan (Youtube this guy, he's good), "Suga's"--a jazzy, classy restaurant lounge, and then we will stay in the same hotel that we had our wedding night. I was sick as a dog on our wedding day with strep throat which makes this even more exciting. I can't recall a darn thing about the hotel! We're actually celebrating on Friday night...instead of Saturday. I promise I am sentimental...but Brian Regan is coming when he's coming and we LOVE him. This makes Friday our anniversary.
Yours truly, Me

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