Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Showers for our Princess

These were all such special days! My baby showers kind of felt like my bridal shower all over again...only 3.5 yrs later celebrating a whole new chapter of my life! With the help from my fabulous mother-in-law, my dear friends Becky and Emily, hosted a beautiful shower in Vidor, TX.
These girls came up with some cute and clever games. 
Elizabeth nailed my baby bump to the exact centimeter. I have to give her credit for knowing her bellies...she's sported the bump 5 times.
I received a precious tiny pearl bracelet from my cousin Priscilla. I felt a lump form in my throat as my eyes glazed over. This was definitely a "holy crap, I'm going to have a baby" moment.
I love these women so much!
The women in my ward at church planned a beautiful shower! Jill, Vernice, and Stacy were the creators behind the scene. I spend most of my time at church working with the younger girls in Primary which left me surprised with how many women arrived to celebrate with me! 
And those gorgeous wooden blocks adorned with dusty rose pink, cream and a soft grey scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering?!! LOVE. That was all Jill and Stacy! They'll look beautiful on a shelf in Savannah's nursery.
The girls outdid themselves with the foods & desserts, the decoration & detail.
A snapshot of a few of the girls chatting
Going into work each day was great due to these sweet & lovely ladies. On my last day,  they each gave a few gifts for Savannah. I'm so excited to go visit them at work to show Savannah off!
My talented & creative cousin, Marissa, made this beautiful charm bracelet with pink pearls. It's gorgeous! She also sells these on Etsy and you'll find a variety of them for purchase at CocoBaby Jewelry. These would make a great gift! I'm so excited for her to wear it at her baby blessing!
Since my sister-in-law Brittany and I have nearly the same due dates we had a joint Packard cousin shower luncheon at Olive Garden.
Such beautiful girls!
I am in LOVE with this hand-sewn quilt that Dianne Scott made for Savannah! The colors & design. It is simply gorgeous. 
Baby Grant made his arrival only 23 hours after Savannah. 
There was so much love surrounding me and so many people encouraging me in this journey. Moments like these I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the women in my life. Savannah is going to be one loved baby girl.
Yours truly, Me

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  1. Showers are so fun. Love the baby pictures you guys took of little Savannah. Hope you are adjusting well to Mommyhood