Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Sistah's Baby Shower!!

Woop woop! My sister Stephanie skipped out on her hubby for the week and caught a flight home to Dallas for my dad's 50th birthday celebration AND we were thrilled to throw a baby shower for her! This is her first pregnancy and I'm not gonna lie...I'm pretty darn excited to meet this little nephew of mine, Parker James Anderson. A stud in the making. Understandably. He'll have a part of my genes.
The baby shower theme was reflected in the cherry red and aqua blue color that made her heart skip a few beats. She's still unsure about a specific theme. By the looks of her belly, she has time to change her mind. The shower was a great joint effort between my mom, Jessica Peterson (Steph's best friend) and myself.  Also, a special thanks also to Sister Moline (family friend since forever) for being so gracious to host the shower in her home and also to the no-fail-Bakerella, Julianne, for making the yummiest dessert pizza on the fly.
Mmm. And a yummy cupcake tower that I was super anxious about making. I had never been a fabulous capcake baker. They were always either exploding from their wrappers or the extreme opposite in looking like mini brownie bites nestled in a cupcake liner. Much to my pleasure (and ego!) they looked super cute with a beautifully bright frosting and nicely contrasting sprinkles. I placed a monogram-stamped fondant piece on top for the little guy ('PJ'). I doubt he'll go by the name PJ. More on these colorful delectables later on ;-)
As the girls arrived, they were given an itty-bitty onesie and they used fabric markers to decorate them into something creative for the Steph's new arrival. Most of us keeled over at the thought of our creativity being recorded.... After they were finished, they were each told to judge the onesie's for a winner in 3 separate categories. 1.)Sweetest  2.)Most Clever  3.) Best All Around
I'm so impressed with Julianne's creativity! She won the category for Best All Around. (I wish we snapped a photo of the ''Beach Bum"!)
Ooh, lookey here!! I won "Sweetest"! hehehe....
Aunt Marlys: "iPood" 
Too cute!
I just love her and her cute baby belly! I'm sure all of you will agree that her petite-shaped body pulls it off so well. I wish she lived much closer... (I'll get her back in 4 years!)
Remember those cute cupcakes I made?
WELL, not so cute on the face! It was downhill soon after we decided to grab a cute family photo. Steph smooshed it into Britt. Good thing Britt believes in an 'eye for an eye' and had no reservations with continuing this domino effect.
Mom had to join the fun and included me in this smurfing festivity (and yes, that's totally not a word.)
Toxic amounts of laughing. What would I do without these lovely ladies in my life?
Yours truly, Me


  1. How FUN!!! Way to go, Mrs. Hostess with the Mostess! ;) Looks like the shower was a huge success! Those cupcakes look YUM! You guys are too funny with your "smurf" faces. Your sis is totally adorable with her tiny self and baby bump! The IPOOD onsies gets my vote for most creative. :P

  2. "Hostess with the Mostess!" Oh please...I wish!!! And THANK you by the way ;-) I'm excited for our date on Monday!