Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good morning 6 year old, Wal-mart blender! What? Oh, you can't really blend a fruit smoothie without crushing the gigantic chunks of ice you conveniently leave at the bottom of the jar? 
I'm done with you.
Here we go! 
Black and Decker Cyclone vs. GE Digital Blender

              Cyclone                    GE
Price (5)             5                                            3
Presentation (10)    5                                           10
Blenderness (10)   1.3                                         10

Total           11.3                                       23
I'm proud to announce Aaron and I as proud new owners of the GE Digital Blender. I'm SO excited!!!


  1. JANENE!!! LOVE your blog! I'm so excited for it! And for all your yummy recipes! You are so gorgeous. seriously. and I love your resolve to not be so critical in 2010. I think that's an AWESOME resolution. Yay! Keep the posts comin :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Grayson has been very enjoyable. Are you guys headed to TX for the summer? If so we'll have to plan a cousins day because we're planning to be there all summer. I'm excited about your blog. I'm not very good at making stories interesting but I'm enjoying yours. And you guys take GREAT pictures. you're going to have some seriously good looking babies!